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  1. I had a blast from the past when Dante Exum's name came up. Really, I've been impressed with this team since the loss to France. Getting the players from the Finals and more practice time together has obviously helped. It would be nice if they could stop falling behind by double digits in the first half, but they had a 36-10 run against Spain and a 60-22 stretch in this game. I wasn't sure this group would have the ability to dominate like that.
  2. The men's basketball team, still hoping to have one of its games televised in 2021, beat Australia 97-78. Twitter was fun when Australia had a 15 point lead in the second quarter. Rematch with France for the gold medal tomorrow night at 10:30. Baseball will face Japan in the gold medal game. Alix Klineman and April Ross will play for a gold medal in beach volleyball this evening.
  3. Geez, I wonder what they expect from someone who's not vaccinated. Maybe a copy of their birth certificate, social security number and bank routing number too?
  4. Sure would be nice if the men's basketball team could get one of its games televised.
  5. They've scored 5 total goals in 5 games. Not exactly blowing anyone away.
  6. I think they just never got acclimated to Tokyo's time zone. Three of their games started at 4 a.m EST. They lost two of them and tied in the other, failing to score in all three. I know it's probably more fun to think they were too busy planning their next protest to focus on winning, but I think the time change was a pretty big factor.
  7. I know I've already posted more than once in this thread, but that's why I started it. Earlier this year, I placed a carryout order at Pizza Hut: a pepperoni pizza, pasta and cheese bread (it was for myself and two others). I ordered online and it said 20-25 minutes. 25 minutes later, I drove to the pickup window, only to have the employee tell me the order wasn't quite finished yet, and ask me to pull into one of the parking spaces nearby. I had a bad feeling where this was headed. 10 more minutes go by, still nothing. I finally got out of my car and went inside to see what was taking so long. I had parked on the east side of the building, and went in the nearest door, on the north side. As I'm going in, I see an employee carrying boxes and going out the south door. I high-tailed it back to my car and finally got my order. I checked the order after getting back in my car and realized there was no cheese bread. So back inside I go. A little old lady is standing at the counter, waiting. I asked if she was in line, she said she'd been helped. I waited...and waited..and waited, nobody comes to the front counter. Stepping somewhat out of my comfort zone, I shouted "is there anyone back there who can help me?" and an employee quickly dashed up to the front. I mentioned my order wasn't complete, even though they took 10 minutes longer than the estimated wait time. She apologized and said they would credit me for the cheese bread, but it would be a few more minutes. So I wait. As does the little old lady. 5 minutes later, they hand me a box with the cheese bread. Just one problem...no cheese. I would have just taken it and left, but the person who wanted the cheese bread would have had a fit. So I point out that once again, they got my order wrong. Another useless apology, and another five minutes of waiting. After about 45 minutes, I finally had my order with everything correct. As I walked out the door, the little old lady was still waiting at the counter. I called Pizza Hut corporate later that evening and reamed them for their employees' incompetence. Scored a few coupons for free stuff. I'm sure when I use them, I'll get the textbook new employee who doesn't understand coupons or discount codes.
  8. My aunt and uncle went to Subway this weekend and found the employees sitting together at a table. The employees said they were sorry, but they couldn't serve them any food because their computer wasn't working.
  9. I am a very privileged, spoiled, first-world American who expects proper service when I order food, and am prone to sticking out my lower lip and folding my arms when I don't get what I asked for or find out it's not available for whatever reason. What are some memorable incidents you've experienced with restaurants, or take-out orders? I drove through Taco Bell this evening, got home and realized my order was wrong. Thankfully, I didn't need the receipt they forgot to give me to get what I wanted when I went back. Yesterday, I had a craving for roast beef and went to Arby's only to be told they were out of roast beef. I'm the kind of person who always thinks of great comebacks well after the fact, and I now realize I should have said "Arby's...you DON'T have the meats!"
  10. Ok, so I know nothing about beach volleyball or how the rules on replay review are set up. But imagine a coach's challenge in any American sport overturning a call late in a game, only to have the other coach challenge the overturn and get it switched back to the original call. That's basically what happened to Sarah Sponcill and Kelly Claes near the end of their loss to Canada.
  11. I'm convinced the curse came from Deflategate. That was the worst game of Luck's career and he just never seemed the same afterward.
  12. I've had a bad feeling recently that they're going to pick Kispert. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. While we're at it, let's just say we won gold in gymnastics in 2008 as well. Everyone knows China used underage gymnasts.
  14. With a win last night, the Detroit Tigers matched their win total from the 2019 season, with 59 games to spare.
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