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  1. Going a little further into this...apparently the Komets refused to play the game because of their opponent having a positive test, hence the forfeit. Wish these guys, and other pro athletes, would just vaccinate and be done with it. No reason whatsoever for games to still be getting cancelled over this.
  2. The Fort Wayne Komets hockey team had a May 4th game at Indianapolis cancelled last week because an Indy player tested positive. Now, a week later, the league is making Komets forfeit for some reason. This is yet another reason why cancelling games because of a positive Covid test is ridiculous and stupid.
  3. Just like the "mask exemption" cards awhile back. I'm surprised it took this long.
  4. South Adams graduates an historically good senior class. They won't be bad, but they won't be a state contender.
  5. I miss the days when Indiana used to get storms in the spring. Now all we get is snow.
  6. My best guess is that covering your mouth and nose (making it slightly harder to breathe) is more invasive to the average person's comfort zone than putting on a shirt or shoes. It's kind of ironic in a way, because I've found that these are often times the kind of people who never miss an opportunity to remind everyone how tough they are and nothing stops them. Also, treading on thin ice with this one, but federal leadership convinced many Americans that masks weren't cool and were a sign of weakness when this all started.
  7. Is Iowa the team that always pitches its ace on Sunday for some reason?
  8. Celtics are losing 41-16 to the Spurs...at home. Still can't believe Stevens turned down $10 million a year to stay with that mess.
  9. Just looked at a tournament projection from D1baseball.com. They currently have us as one of the last five in. The Big Ten royally screwed us by not allowing non-conference games.
  10. The Fort Wayne Tincaps recently released their guidelines for the upcoming season (which would have already started by now, but alas, Covid). They include: --masks must be worn at all times, unless eating or drinking --people must sit in groups of 1-6, with at least 6 feet between all "pods" of people --no cash transactions allowed, credit cards only (the "cashless society" conspiracy theorists are losing their sh*t over that one) I usually go to a game or two each year, but I won't be going until those rules are scrapped. Masking at an outdoor event where people are
  11. Day after Pfizer #1: my arm feels like someone took a sledgehammer to it, but no flu symptoms. I'd probably feel better if the pain in my arm hadn't kept me awake most of the night.
  12. You were far too kind. I would have taken the mask off and coughed in her face.
  13. Went to a different county to get Pfizer because it wasn't available anywhere in my county. Hope it was worth it.
  14. Central Noble and Churubusco have been pulling basketball players out of Fort Wayne for years.
  15. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he takes up an entirely different career. I think this job exposed all of his weaknesses and inadequacies. You can't succeed at this level if you don't like interacting with people.
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