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  1. Around 0:05-0:06, she catches the ball on the B1G logo and both of her feet move before she shoots.
  2. LMAO, Fairleigh Dickinson is such an outlier, it needs an arrow pointing toward it. And Purdue lost to that team.
  3. Loved Edey screaming after getting an and-1 against a guy a foot shorter than him.
  4. Nice little ref-aided run for Purdue after they got down by 5.
  5. It wasn't a popular opinion at the time, but I thought they were quicker and more athletic than us.
  6. They might be getting tired from shooting so many. Their 31st attempt was about 3 feet short.
  7. 16 seeds would be lucky to get invited to the alphabet soup tournaments if they weren't an auto bid to the main event. If Purdue doesn't win this game comfortably, I don't see them getting very far.
  8. Well, they should have the easiest road; they're a #1 seed. To answer your question: no.
  9. Toledo can score with the best of them...4 point game with 8 to play. Michigan 12/20 from deep.
  10. They were 8 for 22 from deep. It could have been a lot worse. The more annoying thing was they were 23 of 26 from the line, and 18 of 19 until the final minute.
  11. Don't forget Act II of the performance: IU fans being outraged about the 5 seed, just like last year when we were too good for the First Four, then our season ends in embarrassing fashion and the meme factory unloads on us.
  12. If we had been wildly successful recently and this was a super-attractive job that people were tripping over themselves trying to get into, we could maybe get away with that. We haven't been nearly good enough recently to justify getting rid of anybody after tying for second in the Big Ten. But our fanbase has an antiquated view about that, among many other things.
  13. Does OSU have enough juice left to try and press?
  14. Foul on OSU for having the audacity to try and block out Edey.
  15. OSU's resiliency is admirable. Not sure they can sustain this pace, though.
  16. Penn State in 2011-12, Nebraska in 2019-20.
  17. There was a game yesterday where he said he didn't understand why a foul was called because the defender had his arm on the guy, but nothing more.
  18. They'll crap out like no other against Purdue tomorrow. Guarantee it.
  19. I doubt it would happen. 16 seeds are usually junk and would get roasted by most of the teams in the NIT. UMBC was a huge anomaly.
  20. Not looking forward to playing PSU or Northwestern on Saturday if we make it there.
  21. That wide open 3 he just passed up, only to drive the lane and blow a tire...woof. Refs now at the monitor to look at...something.
  22. You have to remember we're playing for more than just this season. Recruits tend to be more drawn to programs that win on big stages.
  23. Disagree. I'd rather develop a reputation of a program that wins games in the month of March, and we haven't done nearly enough of that lately.
  24. Back in football season, all Iowa had to do to reach the Big Ten championship game was beat the dumpster fire known as Nebraska at home. Nebraska came in and clowned them. Will this be just like football? Probably not, but it would be hilarious if it was.
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