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  1. Today’s recruits are NBA driven. Have to think Woodys nba expertise is attractive to a stretch 4. Actually excited about recruiting again!
  2. She'd be your uncle? I'll show myself out
  3. Eric Montross Mike Conley/Greg Oden Kyrie Irving
  4. Sorry mods. Damn it were clearly after big boys in 22. Hope this one doesn’t kill us!
  5. As I've mentioned before, Michigan's starting guards this year were 5'11 and 6'1. If you can play, you can play.
  6. we played them 1-2 x per year. He lit us up for 45 on his senior night. Knew he'd be a big time scorer at Butler.
  7. Not necessarily yet, but a lot more attractive options are available due to extra year and portal. I've wanted him for a couple years now.
  8. Unfortunately I think you’re right. The extra year and portal killed those tweener chances
  9. Update: Coach Woody and staff apparently are well connected with water...
  10. I feel Miller Kopp will fill out our roster...
  11. Next year's expectations...? Rob Phinisee to hit jumpers and play stellar D. Lander to hit layups. TJD to be able to use both hands and be a double-double factory. Our new guards to play smack the floor defense on every possession of every game. This team I think has the potential to be loaded...why you ask? TJD staying made a huge statement. He's an all Big 10 player and a preseason all american next year, and he wants to continue to be better. Armaan leaving, eh...he did what he felt was best for him. I think the potential of Geronimo at the 4 is intriguing, especially when he hit a
  12. You are both spot on. If the transfer portal and extra year didn’t exist, I think he would be a Hoosier. Never know though
  13. I can help here. I voted on our ballot. Basically you pick 12 guys. Rank em 1-12 in order of importance to you. 1 being Mr Basketball. I won’t lie, Luke Brown got my vote. So it will depend who got the most amount of lower number votes. I’m guessing players 9-12 and 13-18 will be within 40-50 votes of each other, meaning 13-18 were that close to making it
  14. I watched the game where they played Busco...Essegian was unguardable for a huge stretch of that game...is he B10 level? Or could be?
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