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  1. Great find. The quick release and film prep obviously helps, but he has to be able to move around the pocket fairly well. After watching video, his mobility seems pretty solid.
  2. Great article by TDH. With the talent and numbers we have in our qb room, I like taking someone under the radar that shouldn't have expectations of playing early. A smart, competitive, big arm qb with a quick release is never a bad thing. As long as he has escapability to avoid sacks and create throwing lanes, I'm all for it. If we find a diamond in the rough, even better.
  3. Great catch. Notice there is a long pause looking at the picture of the NBA All-Stars coached by coach Woodson. Smart move.
  4. Love it. Let Georgia or Florida go play Wisconsin or Penn State in December on the road. Instead of B1G teams cramping down south, the southern boys will freeze up north. Better have a strong run game in a snow storm!
  5. Love the video and comparison. I thought the exact same thing about Scott with another gear. You see the hole open, and he either explodes through, or makes a cut at speed that I'm not sure Stevie had the ability to perform.
  6. Agreed. That's why their listing was surprising to me. Is there another connection Purdue has to him? Staff member?
  7. True, just relaying a quote. My buddy is a pretty pragmatic guy, and also a huge Bama fan. He's used to 5 stars, so a pretty tough grader of talent. The potential is obviously there for Harrell. I watched Talia Tagovailoa and Thompson play Mountain Brook in high school, and wasn't overly impressed. There was no way he was going to start at Bama. Harrell seems more Talia than Tua. Nothing wrong with that, not many are Tua! Depending on the date, I'm going to try to get to the Hoover-Thompson game this fall. That will be a great test for him.
  8. Finally got some intel on Harrell from a former Thompson qb. His first words were, "kid can sling it ". When I ask him about playing in the B1G he said, "I don't know, mid major for sure, but not sure about Power 5 starter". He also said he is pretty raw, but has tons of talent and is very coachable.
  9. I appreciate the info on Indiana high school football. Been gone for 25 years. Bama high school football is strong, but other than Hoover and Thompson, not sure they could compete with metro Indy teams.
  10. True. But the population of Indiana is 6.7 million vs 4.9 in Bama. Hoover is almost 3k while they're nearest rivals are around 2k. Hoover and Thompson both have great coaches and youth programs, but being 50% larger than your rivals definitely helps. That being said, they're no Carmel.
  11. Still very good. As is Oxford. Thompson and Hoover are in an arms race and on another level. Both enrollments and resources/facilities are ballooning. Tons of D1 talent come out of those schools.
  12. Thompson High school is a powerhouse down here. It's usually Thompson and Hoover, then everyone else. Our school dropped down a class due to enrollment, but used to play them. Didn't see him play last fall, but their QBs are usually high D1 talent. (Tua and his brother attended Thompson) I'll ask around for details on him.
  13. I guess he and Painter can relate to one another. Both grew up Hoosier fans, but the IU coaching staffs had their eyes on bigger prizes and they never received their dream offers. Unfortunately, I'm guessing he'll thrive in the little brother, underdog role at Purdue. Luckily, it seems we've finally recruited some bigger dogs that will put the little yapping ankle biters back in their place!
  14. Does anyone know, or can offer an opinion if you've seen him play, about Braden's wingspan? He seems to have pretty long arms, and I believe it's been reported he can dunk pretty easily. If that is the case, who cares if he is 6'1" or 6'3". The kid can shoot, pass, and lead. If he has enough athleticism and length to play solid defense, go get him.
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