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  1. I'm really going to miss seeing TJD in an IU jersey. There is now way I thought we would get 4 years of him. It would've been great if he'd had coach Woodson and a better roster all 4 years, but he handled everything with such amazing class. He raised our status on and off the court again. Best wishes on a bright future!
  2. This is where I'm at as well. We need two post players, and a wing/stretch 4 that can shoot based on graduation losses. If we have transfers, tall wings that can shoot would be a major preference. One of the posts needs to have at least a respectable outside shot. We need to end the days of having two post players in the game with zero threat of shooting outside.
  3. Please give Tennessee the 4 with us as the 5.
  4. I think you just described Cupps and Newton. We just need more like them.
  5. Have to contained Young's penetration better. He killed us in the second half, which lead to him scoring or dishing for open 3's. This is a team that Xavier would've really helped with his defense and ball handling. Hopefully a neutral whistle allows us to take advantage of what TJD and JHS do well. Maryland is actually a great team to prepare us for what we have struggled with; teams with length and penetrating point guards.
  6. That's a big boy for a freshman. Sounds like the sophomore that won all categories is an absolute beast in the weight room. What kind football player is he?
  7. He still has a high ceiling, but lacks consistency. Hope he puts in the work to realize his potential. With his length, he can be a great 3 and D guy on the wing.
  8. Jakai is very athletic, and has some dog in him. He reminds me of the Baylor guards when they won the title. Looking forward to watching him develop at IU.
  9. Wow! They must've thrown some serious money at him.
  10. Bama lives and dies by the 3. They will get upset in the tournament if they have one cold shooting game.
  11. Hank says you are forgiven
  12. Hank The Pug is not impressed by your comment!
  13. Graham is listed at 6'1" Hardy is listed at 6'3" I was just up there for a funeral, but didn't have time to check them out unfortunately.
  14. I know it's common to hear glowing reviews when speaking to a reporter associated with a particular school, but you have to love McNeeley's quotes about our coaches, program, and state.
  15. Georgia struggled to stop OSU without their top two receivers, top two rb's, and top tight end. Kudos to the Buckeyes for putting themselves in position to win with what they had left. Bennett made two great throws for the comeback.
  16. No love for Michigan, but that was a touchdown for Wilson.
  17. Maybe we can get TJD's brother to transfer? He's getting a ton of camera time tonight. Wishful thinking.
  18. With USC and UCLA joining the B1G, SoCal kids and their HS coaches will probably be following the B1G and watching games. At least there will be a connection to IU football. Could lead to some potential recruits.
  19. The entire Connor Bazelak and Hiller debacle will effect CTA and Bell until they produce a successful qb and offense. It's just hard to understand how Connor was given complete, unquestioned control of the qb position when he struggled as much as he did. Who knows what went on behind closed doors, but I'll never understand how Tuttle wasn't given multiple opportunities throughout the season. He was a captain for a reason, and at least deserved a couple series when our offense was non-existent in multiple games. At least for me, if the two qb's are tied heading into our first game, the tie goes to the incumbent captain.
  20. What a great story and legacy for the family. Thanks for sharing.
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