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  1. It is weak. Especially when you consider the timing, often late in the season, for a gimme non-conference game. It's basically a bye/rest week. That gives their playoff teams a competitive advantage. Since IU doesn't have to worry about the playoffs, the extra non-conference win would be great for our bowl chances.
  2. Legit concern, but he appears to move similar to JHS, and we'll also have Ware to protect the rim. MM's length should also allow him to recover if he gets beat by shorter wings. He'll also punish shorter wings on the offensive end.
  3. My exact thoughts. And I'm glad my siblings weren't held accountable for what I did and said. Junior's actions weren't my style, but he backed it up on the court in crunch time. And he knows how to hit shots in Assembly. Might be able to transfer some of that Assembly swagger to little bro!
  4. Until Florida gets it figured out, Tennessee should be just below Georgia, and push them for the SECE title annually. B1GW isn't even in the same discussion as the SECE. They're more on par with the Big12 north or ACC schools north of Clemson. B1GW really needs Fickell to get it going again at Wisky for relevance.
  5. I see where you're coming from, and agree on the part about playing the best. Games against the big 3 are great for fans, players, and recruits. Your SEC example excludes the fact they only play 8 conference games. Our main goal should be to make a bowl game for prestige, but equally important, to get extra practice time. If we had 3 gimme non-conference games, plus 1 power 5 team, our bowl chances improve greatly. If we start off with 3-4 wins in the non-conference, we would only have to win 2-3 games out of Maryland, Rutgers, MSU, Purdue, and our other West opponents. Just my thoughts, but I like those odds better. If the B1G stays with 9 conference games, but does away with divisions, only playing 2 of the big 3 makes our chances of winning go up. That was my main point. Guess we'll see what the future of the B1G holds for us. I don't expect any favors.
  6. Good analysis. Wonder if we'll add a transfer qb with experience? And the sledding will always be brutal in the B1G East. Hopefully they do away with divisions and we get a better chance for success.
  7. Not sure on the venue, but I'm definitely going to that one.
  8. He seems like the exact type of kid that feeds off motivation. This should provide plenty of fuel for him to prove himself.
  9. I watch a ton of UK games because of the wife. Loved Levis's game the first time I saw him. Could you imagine him standing all day with protection and throwing to wide open receivers like Young and Stroud did? Levis takes some overly aggressive risks at times, but he'll also sacrifice his body like Josh Allen to make a crucial play. Just a gamer.
  10. Sounds about right to me. Ledlum needs to get leaner and more explosive for a B1G wing, which I'm sure is appealing with our strength and nutrition programs. He could almost play small ball 4 running the baseline. We have the potential for some very interchangeable parts based on matchups and situations.
  11. He's strong and uses his body well to finish at the rim. Finished with both hands, has a floater, and threw in a euro step. Seems pretty crafty around the basket, although not super athletic. His outside shoot is so smooth.
  12. It's raining and temperatures are dropping down here. Allergies are horrible. All the Bama fans are talking about is the Masters and spring football. Stay north young man!
  13. I 100% agree with you, and the NIL now has things mostly above-board, which definitely helps IU. Just having flashbacks to the Clowney recruitment.
  14. Seems like they outbid us for Noah Clowney last year. Hope it's different this time.
  15. Montverde grad. Maybe JHS can put in a good word for us?
  16. Man his game is smooth. Looks very under control, and is patient waiting for the opportunity to score. Has a little more bounce than I was expecting, which should only improve with training. Really hope he becomes a Hoosier.
  17. Absolutely agree. Until the B1G stops allowing rugby style basketball, and decides it wants success in recruting and the NCAA tournament, we have to prepare for battle in the post. Hopefully CMW can straddle the line the way Izzo has to be successful at both.
  18. I see what you're saying, but I hope we don't see Malik at the 4 with another post that can't shoot. Much rather have Malik in the post with a player like Banks at the 4. Completely understand the circumstances with TJD and who CW could pair with him, but I hope we open the post up for drivers in the future.
  19. Coach May gets a power 5 job until it's his time to coach IU, and Johnell Davis comes to the Hoosiers. Sounds about right.
  20. It is great that Gabe will have Jordy to mentor him. I can just imagine the discussions those two will have on leadership, strategy, and legacy. And the shooting contests could be legendary.
  21. I'm really going to miss seeing TJD in an IU jersey. There is now way I thought we would get 4 years of him. It would've been great if he'd had coach Woodson and a better roster all 4 years, but he handled everything with such amazing class. He raised our status on and off the court again. Best wishes on a bright future!
  22. This is where I'm at as well. We need two post players, and a wing/stretch 4 that can shoot based on graduation losses. If we have transfers, tall wings that can shoot would be a major preference. One of the posts needs to have at least a respectable outside shot. We need to end the days of having two post players in the game with zero threat of shooting outside.
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