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  1. Bomba is at IU now. I wouldn't count Booker, the Mooresville kids, or Kyle King as kids from So IN. I would count Preston Terrell though. He spent his first 16 years living in So IN. The state is producing more and more.. we just have to stay solid instate. 5 of the top 12 every year or so. OSU and ND are going to get theirs.
  2. They can have So IN lol I'll take the MIC.
  3. Not true. But I agree with everything else. I think Tamar is an 11-13ppg this year and then takes off after that.
  4. Let's say Woodson shrunk an inch with older age... Bates gotta be a legit 6'5.5 maybe a true 6'6. Length matters.
  5. I can guarantee that after sand pit the guys are SPENT. These days are good for morale. The summer gets monotonous, great to have these extra avenues to get a work out in.
  6. Well thats college baseballs fault. 11.7 schollys is a joke, as far as blacks go not focusing on baseball. But in general.. there are TONS of kids that focus on baseball/one sport in general. 🤢 Phin would have been a stud CB.
  7. https://twitter.com/TheNECBL/status/1404880235418591237?s=19
  8. Looks like Toetz even took his IU stuff out of his bio.
  9. Somehow one of our top recruits for this class de committed after signing his LOI intent. Ben Hess #1 player from ILL.
  10. I guess Toetz and Sommer are in the transfer portal. I haven't confirmed that yet.
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