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  1. There is honestly not anything wrong with it. It's certainly not too over the top like we saw with some of the previous losses.
  2. I was born at the end of 1990---- Don't know much about the world during Cold War, but I do know I like the music!
  3. I'm sorry but if someone is that offended by what is posted on this board... I'm not really sure what to tell them. It says a lot more about them, then it does the "whole" we have here. This is like the most G-rated place I've ever been to talk sports and that includes my own household growing up. "know-it-alls" are we in elementary school? Maybe more should just listen to the things that are being told to them? Idk. I think I can remember one game thread a bunch of you guys got into it and a Mod had to make a PSA the next day? only thing I can think of on a "big scale". But, game threads are stupid anyways and I have no idea how any of you participate in them, especially on a regular basis.
  4. Yep, rinse and repeat after each loss. It's all the same.
  5. couldn't be that simple, right? but, remember... they watched IUBB when Knight coached, they know what it takes!
  6. Desirrio Riles just committed. Says Edge/TE... regardless, good basketball player. Avged 11p 6r 3a as a JR. Played QB on his HS team. Love it.
  7. I think ILB. His frame and measurements seem very similar to Cam Jones out of HS. (who didn't play ILB)
  8. I think we are smart to dump the idea of bringing in 20-25 FR.... condense that to 10-15 a year, and then go hard after the transfers every year. We picked up a lot of transfers with 2-3 years worth of eligibility, as well.
  10. Pretty clearly he didn't have a good game. I never want someone of his caliber to ever defer or not look to shoot. Marylands defense funneled things so JHS was going to naturally have more opportunities. He just didn't convert. We had no one else.
  11. No, not surprising, but still wrong.
  12. Yeah I don't see basketball that way at all. To each their own.
  13. That was a good shot and just a silly decision on his part. I'm not saying he was perfect.. but basically every shot he took last night, our team needs him to take. Especially with the way Maryland defended TJD.
  14. Couldn't have hit the ball anymore than he did.
  15. How do you know it was 6? I didnt say he needed to keep shooting. He didn't force anything though, or very little.
  16. Tamar Bates= 100% a basketball play ... called for a flagrant? Donta Smith= slaps MK who is behind him and the opposite way Smith is going? No call 👍👍👍👍
  17. Another game we win with XJ.
  18. I didnt see any junk. He took good shots and missed them. If we played them again, I hope JHS gets the exact same looks. The difference between Bates/TG and JHS is one of them is an NBA guard. 6 more opportunities? What? Our alpha? Jalen took good shots. Just missed them.
  19. Meh. Jalen has to hit shots. He got great looks all night. He has to convert, especially the way they played Trayce. He should never pass one up or pass one up that we have "worked" to get. I think, basically, every shot he took was a good shot or in the flow of our offense. He's forced some in games before. I didn't really see that last night.
  20. Woodys fault for not "reigning" in JHS? .. maybe that would hold some weight if TG wasn't in foul trouble or XJ wasn't hurt. Basically every look JHS got last night was average or above.
  21. Its not just the guards. Malik and an injured Race struggle, as well.
  22. This is hilarious. I've heard it all.
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