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  1. I listened to Jerrod Morris talk about the hire earlier. I trust him to do his due diligence and was very careful to point out that Rosemond wasn’t himself investigated by the FBI, but merely mentioned in the report. So, no smoke, no fire, right?
  2. That’s like an off-white shade of gray, IMO.
  3. I mean, you and I agree, I’m thinking you meant to quote the other guy.
  4. Just because his mom is going to be on a Zoom call doesn’t mean she’ll “speak for him”, and, by all accounts Franklin’s family is a smart basketball family, if she had some good questions or concerns, what would be wrong with her voicing them?
  5. C’mon, man, we are a better fan base than that.
  6. This Woodson hire has been an INCREDIBLE smoke screen.
  7. Curious, where are you finding this?
  8. Ghost coach and advise Woodson on the finer points of recruiting and coaching Big Ten.
  9. Woodson took the Hawks from 13 wins in his first season to 53 in his last.
  10. The very same for me. I can find loads of reasons to be excited about Woodson + Matta.
  11. Well, people assuming the first point of your’s are not incorrect. Dakich absolutely cleaned house on his way out. You really don’t remember that?
  12. You should win the internet for today with this post. Comedic gold.
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