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  1. My dad is 62. Has high blood pressure, diabetic, and a little over weight. He caught covid from church, 3 weeks after a triple bypass. He took the test 3 times because he thought they were false positive. His symptoms were some night sweats. Same as I experienced last year ( I did not test positive, but took the test 9 days after first symptoms). His doctors advised him not to take the vaccine...
  2. The whole south is nuts over football. Rabid fan bases like ours and Kentucky for basketball
  3. This is one of the best things I've seen in a while. Cracks me up! 😂
  4. Fully vaccinated campus and still a mask mandate... I would definitely stop using the word " breakthrough " as its pretty obvious, you're likely to get covid whether vaccinated or not.
  5. Agreed. To debate this is silly! The SEC is deep with NFL talent and elite coaches. Any team can win a 1 game playoff, but very few teams are built to play a full SEC schedule.
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