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  1. Holtmann depressed that CAM still not coaching IU
  2. At most places they let recruits try on the college jerseys….at IU you get to try on the walking boot😂
  3. If you get a chance to watch the B1G documentary on the 87 team they show that interview with RMK
  4. Reminds me I was watching the Chris Street doc on the BIG network. It showed Jess Settles and under his name Iowa 93-99😂
  5. Wasn’t there a a 4* who just opted out of his NLI that we were recruiting
  6. On the positive Coach Ya has a better record against Minny than DD does
  7. I feel like we’ve never had an easy win at the Barn. Didn’t we lose one up there as a #1 during Crean years.
  8. I forgot about that impressive stat
  9. You were blackout drunk during the CAM years?
  10. Woody would’ve at least thrown in “sheeeeet man”
  11. Anyone who says they still have their lucky underwear on is lying because I know I about crapped my pants several times
  12. Did the mic pick it up or lip reading? I remember him standing over Trey after the bull rush layup
  13. I went back and watched the last few minutes of that game on YouTube and Purdue had three fouls give to in the last minute😳
  14. We were a wide open Parker Stewart 3pter from sweeping them last year
  15. Yeah I thought an announcer said indefinitely on last night game. Lower leg injury?
  16. What was his “19 days in a row” comment about
  17. Will Malik Hall still be inactive is a huge question
  18. Anybody checked on Chester Frazier
  19. I think it’s less of Edey and more the way the B1G is officiated. We’ll find out in the tournament when the games officiated differently if he can adapt quickly
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