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  1. Didn’t we lose one of the Zeller brothers to ND or did we not even recruit him
  2. TJD just made SC Top 10 on 3 consecutive plays
  3. Technically they did lose to a 17th seed since FDU was the 2nd best team in their tournament
  4. Willard and his players whine a lot in the presser. Sorry one “goal tending”basket doing erase a 10 pt loss even if he thinks that one basket was the one to ignite momentum.
  5. 🤣It’s the trauma of that season
  6. Fire up the Romeo years under Archie game threads…we lost 9 straight?
  7. And every human and farm animal in Lafayette has Haas STDs and Byrd’s teeth imprints on them
  8. I'm full crimson glasses but Woody did just as good of a job as any other COTY candidate. What other team lost their 2nd leading scorer and arguably the best defender on the team prior to the B1G season? Yeah we were favorites prior to the season but if X has a season ending injury in September/October we aren't the favorite anymore and probably picked mid-pack or lower.
  9. Purdue’s first 2 game win streak since Feb 1
  10. Brings back memories. I’ll always remember his wide open 3 against Purdue clanging off the rim
  11. Looks like both of them are going to need some Kleenex
  12. Go ahead and beat them for us this week
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