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  1. Looks like Archie has 4 in the portal, including his top 2 scorers and top 3 assist leaders. Appears to be a tough rebuilding job ahead.
  2. I prefer to call it the "sweet spot". I don't want snow and/or ice, and I really don't want a storm knocking down trees and causing power outages. I use to have your attitude but I'm too old for all that garbage now. 2-3" of rain is forecast for me. That's enough excitement.
  3. I found the post where i quoted him and he said "a couple of really good players" wanted to play for CMW. The show I heard it on I don't think he mentioned anyone actually being in the portal. (that video is now private) I can certainly understand why guys would be interested in playing for him, especially after watching TJD and JHS this year and seeing a lot of opportunity for pt next year.
  4. I think it was two players and he said it right before the season, I believe. I posted the video a while back but don't remember where. It was one of his shows and had Seth Greenberg too iirc.
  5. He hit a 3 with 4:18 to go to put them up 3 and had a turnover and 7 missed FG the rest of the way (and 2 made FT). Certainly had his chances.
  6. After missing around 7 weeks with a broken foot, Rob Phinisee has a torn patella tendon. Poor guy had some bad luck this season.
  7. It's not the same but Oates also had Josh Primo in his program, who was released by the Spurs amid sexual misconduct allegations, although I never heard anything negative from his time at Alabama.
  8. I don't remember people doubting that he could shoot.
  9. As someone that is naturally a pessimist it's more of a feeling of relief than happiness. I mean, I'm happy that they won but I almost immediately start wondering if they can bring this level of play to Illinois in a few days and why were they so bad the last few games. It reminds me of the Chris Rock bit where the guy brags I take care of my kids, and Rock responds, you're SUPPOSED to take care of your kids. Anyway, I hope they can build off this win and get a W at ILL.
  10. In fairness to them, about this time yesterday, the guy that started that thread said he did it in a rage and after reading it he was thinking of changing the title to criticize Mike Woodson. So it wasn't just because of todays game.
  11. Yes, and I believe that was discussed in the post game thread by BGleas, and others.
  12. ESPN shows the next 3 are @ Tennessee, Georgia and Texas a&M.
  13. Kenya Hunter's kid lead Ohio with 23 points and they beat Ball State 76-71.
  14. I'm not sure TJD would have posted it except he was supporting the McCaffery kid. I don't like them responding to idiots but I'm sure the frustration level is high, especially from XJ and Race, since they're unable to play. I didn't see anything from the younger guys, which is encouraging, I guess. I hope the team can get it together but I'm not optimistic.
  15. I agree with you. I think what's needed first is assistants that coach/teach. I just don't believe the current assistants bring much to the table. How many times have I read posts about a player not getting better or regressing. I'm not sure that's what CMW wants seeing how they jettisoned Fife. I worry guys like Banks and Duncomb will see their lack of development and hit the portal. I'll be interested to see what the team looks like next year without TJD, Race, Kopp, XJ and JHS. The assistant coaches have their work cut out for them.
  16. I never would have guessed that the Clemson/Pitt game would be a battle to see who remains the only unbeaten team atop the ACC. Clemson wins by 1.
  17. Haven't these players claimed in past interviews that their goal is to win the Big 10? Why can't that be motivation enough? I'm so tired of reading about how they learned from a loss, or will be motivated by whatever. They have to know that, historically, IU is a top program and will get the other teams best shot. They haven't played in forever so that alone should have them fired up and ready to go. I don't see other teams consistently come out flat. I suspect it has more to do with a failure of the coaches than young kids thinking it's just a game.
  18. Baylor 's 17 point first half lead is now 2 with a minute to go.
  19. Saw a doctor on youtube that said that's probably what happened. I believe there was a little league game around Indy some years ago where a kid got hit in the chest by a pitch. Same thing happened, fortunately there was either an emergency room doc or cardiologist there and I believe also a defibrillator. The kid was fine.
  20. Romeo started tonight in a victory against the Knicks and had 23 points on 11-16 shooting (1-1 from 3). He added 3r, 2a, 2st and 1 to.
  21. I didn't know that Tennessee started 3 foreign born players, and also Tyreke key, a transfer who played at IN ST for 4 years.
  22. I hope you guys are right and DD is full of crap and this team turns it around, but I'm not optimistic. Hopefully it's just growing pains in a new system and Cupps and Newton plus some portal help will get the ship righted.
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