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  1. Add me to the list of probables. Last Jan 11 woke up feeling off. Went to a game in Bloomington and afterwards passed out in the truck. Wife took me home and I barely could get to bed. Had a fever of 103. Slept a couple days. Headaches, shortness of breath, low grade fever that would just come and go randomly. Lasted 3 weeks, low energy, end up calling in to work 6 times total. Then she got it, same thing.
  2. I should have phrased it better. My intention for asking the question was if getting vaccine will give people comfort. I'm involved in the production of these vaccines. I spent alot of my working life feeling useless, but my new job I feel gives me purpose. First time in my life I wake up and actually want to go to work. Imagine work being kinda fun.
  3. My garden is almost complete. Planted 5 tomato plants yesterday. Just waiting on my tomatoes from seed to be ready to transplant. Probably have 7 or 8 tomato plants this year.
  4. Check out that grill brush. This years bday present.
  5. I asked because my new job is making sure the environment this vaccine is produced in is clean and free of bacterial contamination. And I take it very seriously. I was 21 when I lost my dad. Held his hand as he passed, felt the life leave his body. I'm 36 now. A profound experience. I was born in 85, my brother and sisters were born in the early mid 90's. I got a hard time from my parents for not spending time with them. I'm like yo, I'm starting college when they are freshman, sophomore in high school.🤷‍♂️
  6. Honest question. What does everyone expect from this vaccine?
  7. Environmentalists solutions to problems create more environmental problems than they fix. I dont want to hear from these people until Nuclear energy is part of the discussion. Electric cars for example. Where the hell do these fart sniffers think the energy they charge their vehicles comes from. Oh, duh, fossil fuel generated electricity.
  8. Not yet defined but considered 5th generation warfare. As far as the electrical grid we should not be using chinese components in the grid but we are.
  9. This decade is off to a hot start. I call shotgun on the first manned trip to Mars. At least we have mental giants like this for entertainment.
  10. Ruh roh. Got word this morning by someone in the know that my town could be out by the end of the day. Well one station already is and the other 2 are packed. Filling up both vehicles and my cans.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9570811/Fight-breaks-NC-gas-pump-amid-Russian-cyberattack-fuel-crisis.html My dad delivered fuel for a local oil company to the company owned gas stations. Went with him sometimes. The real problem will come refilling these stations. They will all be demanding delivery at once and it takes time to fill a tank. Also, a truck will only be carrying one type of octane. Most stations have 87,89,91,93. So you can only fill one tank at a time. It's going to be a mess.
  12. Looks like the gas situation may not get better anytime soon. Just read that about 1/4 of tanker trucks arent on the road because of a storage of qualified drivers.
  13. Having fuel in unapproved containers is 1 rule I dont deviate from and a major pet peeve. I also find panic buyers intolerable. Peak emotional weakness imo.
  14. My dogs are getting older, 13 yrs. Noticed they were having mobility issues not long ago. Vet gave me Rejensa supplement for joint health. After only a few days noticed they were getting around better. Been 3 months and haven't noticed any problems. Definitely recommend a joint supplement for older dogs.
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