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  1. I'm honestly sick and tired of Texas and OU football. They were great from the 60's to 80's and had a random few years here and there. They will be mediocre in the SEC.
  2. 11 Giant Syrians growing so far. Thanks to @Lostin76for the recommendation
  3. @bluegrassIU OK. Dropping out. Sorry. I guess what I consider current events insults others sensibilities.
  4. I will say this, I never knew who this dyed haired way to skinny Megan Rapi whatever her name is was until taking the knee. Total attention EDIT. But I remember when the women's soccer team didn't suck and Hottie Mia Hamm took her jersey top off to celebrate victory. I'm tired of activist athletes.
  5. You may be the first person in the history of fast food that doesn't like Arby's curly fries. I appreciate a lone ranger that refuses something so delicious. 👌
  6. China just won the first battle of Biological warfare. If anyone trusts our government or any communist crapholes they need a mental evaluation. Why the hell are we turning away Cubans but bussing covid infected Hispanics all over the US? Cuban food is way way better than Mexican food. Getting a phenomenal Cubano sandwich for lunch tomorrow.
  7. I feel bad for my wife. I feel useless. But I have a great wife and awesome coworkers. They are all helping me out and understand what I'm dealing with.
  8. Just recently got a Papa John's in my town. Think I've ordered 4 times. I ask for square cut. Hasn't happened yet. Ordered tonight, asked for square cut. Didn't happen. It's OK. I've been in alot pain today and can hardly walk so I'll take what I get.
  9. When I was in high school I worked at a Mr. Gattis pizza place. One night, a delivery customer kept calling saying his order was wrong I think 4 or 5 times. So the last time he called we took his order and the delivery guy comes back. We told him he had to go back again. He said F this guy. So the customer got jalapeños and ball pubes under his sauce. I did not participate. Ever since I eat what I get even if it's wrong.
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