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  1. I was 4 when the Berlin wall fell. So for me the Cold War era was better because I hadn't yet made a long list of poor decisions.
  2. I'll have to second this. That place is phenomenal. I went to see Kevin Costner and his band there in November 2021. Was about 6 rows from the stage. Not only is there not a bad seat but their lineup of artist and bands is top notch.
  3. I'm tempted to quit filing my 1040. I've got my exemptions set to where I owe/they owe near zero. If they keep going on money printing binges like a drunken prostitute we turn into Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic and it won't matter anyway. They are the ones that want MY money. Let those bastards put in the work if they want it that bad, I'm tired of wasting my time on their paperwork.
  4. Maliks 5th foul was pretty bad too. Guy ran right into him and Malik gets a bump foul? I think they got a couple FT from that too.
  5. If that's true then they should act like grown men and not get butthurt over something like that. Maybe that's their perception because they know they are inferior.
  6. Young had a step on anyone trying to defend him. That hurt quite a bit.
  7. How can you get in any kind of rhythm when they are blowing the whistle evey minute and a half to call a foul? This game had no flow.
  8. It's not all officiating but when you are better in every statistical category except TO and FT how do you lose? They hit 15 more free throws that's how. The kicker is the FT % was pretty much equal. They were basically dry humping our guys and got called for half as many.
  9. The only stat they were better in was TO.
  10. My God. They've made 23 FTs to our 10. 10/12 vs 23/27
  11. He should be trying to get Trayce the ball. Not shooting.
  12. Mother dick get a rebound.
  13. Time to give it to TJD every possession.
  14. Stop with the runners. It's a crap shot to begin with.
  15. About time he just dunked it.
  16. The twerps are frickin mauling our guys and they're not calling it. They're playing good defense and pounding the shit out of us down low.
  17. The Maryland women's player with the red headband is pretty hot.
  18. If you do this and we win you can't watch the second half of an IU game anymore.
  19. Race needs to stay out of the low post.
  20. SVP who? Never heard of her.
  21. So I'm not the only one who noticed all the flopping.
  22. OK. Maryland is mauling our guys.
  23. Baseline camera angle. Don't like it.
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