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  1. @NotIThatLives I'm going to agree with a lot of what(most) of what you said. To keep it short, this anti-white rhetoric does nothing to help. As a White Straight Christian gun owner male minding his own business who wants to live and be left alone. How am I supposed to feel when the world keeps shoving shit in my face I want or have no need to be a part of. I never wronged anyone. Leave me the hell alone. That's how I feel.
  2. Well there is XI which will lead to lawsuits because womens sports will be eradicated. What about IU baseball, swimming, golf?
  3. I'm with you. Listen when someone tells you, you are wrong? Depends on the context and interpretation. I think pedophilia is wrong but the members of the National Man Love Boy Association dont think so. Yes, NAMBLE is real, look it up. Point is, what is wrong is up to the individual. As for me, I have nothing to apologize for. I live an honest life, albeit sometimes offensive but I do my best to be respectful and truthful.
  4. I disagree. 350,000+ Union WHITE soldiers gave their lives to end slavery including one of my ancestors on my grandmas side at the Battle of Perryville,Ky. It is insulting to think their freedom has nothing to do with white people.
  5. My issue with creating a holiday to celebrate this is including "National Independence Day" as part of the Holiday title, 2 weeks before the day we celebrate July 4th. I should have never read Orwells 1984. Also, chattel slavery is alive and well today in Africa and the middle east, but noone seems to care about that.
  6. I dont have the counterspace for something like that so I bought a new flattop range last june that has a convection similar to your countertop unit. Wings turn out well. Noice.
  7. Maybe you already know this, but soak your fries in salt water for 30 minutes or so, or even overnight to pull the starch out. Rinse then fry. Makes them crisper.
  8. Wondered that myself but cant find anything specific for that company.
  9. Hes back home after spending last Saturday until Wednesday in the hospital. Turns out he was having mini seizures in the part of the brain that controls memory and behavior. Has some memory loss, and not sure if that will recover. Wife and I went up Wednesday and Thursday. Little things like repeating himself and mixing up the wife and their dogs name. But at least not as bad as what it seemed at first.
  10. Well, people just a few year younger than me are having heart attacks and issues with myocarditis. Also, I am working at a place that produces these vaccines so I am on a wait and see. My FIL and MIL are in there early 60's both had covid, survived. My FIL problems are unrelated to covid. He fell off a bridge when he was 10 and dented his head on a rock from about 12 ft.
  11. Had an old zenith console tv growing up. Thank goodness the only channels were 2,10, and 4. But them damn rabbit ear antennas. I'd rather eat rabbits than adjust them damn things.
  12. So according to the article if you are unvaccinated, you have a .19% chance of being hospitalized. I have high blood pressure and am more concerned with side effects.
  13. Red Hill Salukis. I only know this for 2 reasons, when Mt. Carmel joined the Big 8 I wondered where the hell that came from, and I've seen Red Hill teams in passing so when you mentioned mascot I figured must be it.
  14. Xavier Johnson. We've been missing a hard charging point guard With what Woodsen is putting together I think this kid is a gamechanger. I love Rob but he is a solid backup.
  15. Things aren't looking good. Has possibly had a stroke and they are monitoring overnight for seizures. Prognosis is not good.
  16. My FIL passed out last night and couldn't remember where he was or really anything. Spent the night in ICU. Hes been dealing with an unknown neurological disorder. Still in ICU and neurologist(not his personal one) says brain surgery isnt necessary. But we're just waiting on updates. Still doesn't where he is or what's going on. At least he recognizes his wife.
  17. Yeah, dont know how y'all in Texas do it. I'm moving to South Dakota one day.
  18. It's so hot.😓 Real feel guy says 93...ugh.
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