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  1. Well, if you know what you want I can find it. Wont be as good as Hindu Kush, more of the Hillbilly Southern variety. I dont grow it, or smoke it, but I know where it is. Im talkining about Tomatoes BTW. So many delicious options.
  2. Have a couple tomato plants about 7ft tall and another pretty close. Getting about a pint on assorted cherries every couple days. About to have some ripe slicers.
  3. I eat it for the probiotics and its delicious. Didnt know about the other benefits.
  4. Dude, Tom Allen is IU Footballs RMK but better human. I would love nothing more than play for him.
  5. I don't like the conference situation now but a 20 team mega conference? Just no. Can't some things just be left alone? And OSU to the SEC, lol. They dominate the B1G. Why would they leave.
  6. So I guess you saw the news about Bobby Bowden?
  7. Sorry if I'm annoying yall with this but did get some good news today. Saw the specialist and right now, pain management, and chiropractic care, lose a bit of fat I've accumulated, and cleared to workout. I check back in 6 months. Next step would be steroid injections then surgery. Here is the xray I had today. So my L5 is completely fractured and in 2 peices. The fact I no longer have a disc is beneficial because it prevents excess movement. The other stuff I will deal with years from now.
  8. I have them and own all his guns. I told my mom this was coming. She got lucky. He's doing 6 months for drug rehab at Wabash Correctional Facility. He ain't getting them back.
  9. @FKIM01 For real, after Rustin divorced my mom and cleaned her clock in court, she married a dude that committed armed robbery, got 10 dui's, felony weapons possession and has spent less than 10 yrs in prison. Unbelievable.
  10. I'm looking forward to it. Gives me something to do on downtime at work.
  11. Agreed, but my mom's third try at marriage has 10 dui's, and armed robbery charge and has his license. Ridiculous.
  12. Iowa St makes alot of sense. Already have Iowa and brings in a natural rivalry. And a good one really.
  13. Been awhile since I've done this. I will be at work when the draft starts. Will have about a 15 minute meeting during the draft. What happens if I miss a pick?
  14. Not sure. A have 1-2 grade spondylolisthesis which is what that scan shows. Could be worse though. So I've got that going for me. It's at my L5-S1 joint. My L5 has the compression fracture.
  15. As long as IU has been struggling I just have this feeling the timing for hiring CMW is perfect. Not gonna lie, when Bobby returned I was in public and teared up a bit. IU laid a turd and at that point CAM just had to go. Seeing the picture @5fouls posted in the RMK returns thread just solidified my opinion that CMW is the right hire at the right time. IU is in great hands. Woody doesn't have to do this, he wants to. IUBB will have heart again.
  16. Interesting design. Bezos does resemble Dr. Evil.
  17. Got my CT scan results today. Basically my Lumbar region is wrecked. 3 bulging disc's, what they call a vacuum disc, born spurs, facet hypertrophy, compression fractures, etc. But a chiropractor who I went to high school with and who was recruited to work for the New England Patriots, and works with my wife got me scheduled with a top notch specialist in Bloomington 2pm Thursday. Have an awesome manager, coworkers who actually care, and a healthy insurance plan. So at least I've got a good team behind me. This is not my scan but one of my problems. I haven't seen mine yet. Probably what slipped and set this off.
  18. That's a pretty generous company you have there😉. Went to the casino and walked around the West Baden hotel and relaxed in the dome around Christmas a few years ago. Very cool place.
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