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  1. Not the only cause of decline but part of it. Considering most troops are sponsored by churches. When I was in it was all about the camping and merit badges. Even went whitewater rafting and a week long canoe trip in the boundary waters.
  2. I think a good thing about archie is he played as a point guard. So he understands the position well. Hopefully he has/will be able to get one of these guys where he wants them. In the future I doubt this position will be an issue.
  3. Seems like they are trying to make up the revenue lost after the decision to allow openly gay leaders.
  4. Last year it seemed like alot of games the guys were just trying not to lose. Romeo seems like the type that wants to win and losing isnt on his radar. If Morgan comes back he seems the same way. maybe the other guys can feed off of them and play to their potential as a result.
  5. ^^^ I think if romeo went anywhere else they would build up expectations and say the sky is the limit. But for whatever reason, no matter how well things are going, people just have to rag on IU. People say he is a one and done then turn around and say he wont perform. What gives?
  6. Yeah, I missed the multiple titles part.
  7. The first season I can remember watching was in 1992. I remember 20+ win seasons, making the tournament every year, top 4 of conference, and wanting to get out of round 1 and 2 was expected. I dont think that is unreasonable for a few years. By year 4 or 5 I think we should be contending for elite 8 and/or final 4 semi regularly. With hopefully a championship sometime. The only thing I would like to see with archie is to be a little more flexible with his gameplan. Think iu vs unc in the 1984 tournament (thanks to youtube I am able to watch it) and in 1987 when we ran with the rebels of unlv. RMK knew when to let his teams loose and knew how to expose an opponents weaknesses. Also, archie just looks like an IU coach should. What I mean is he looks confident, intense, and all business. He doesnt look lost or dumbfounded like a couple past coaches we have had.
  8. Its almost ridiculous. I had a good feeling when Archie was hired but never expected results like this so soon. Im beyond impressed.
  9. I know i would. I would show up to the announcement in black and gold and put on that awesome crimson hat with the IU logo.
  10. https://youtu.be/CySmd8M8oIM I dont know how to embed videos but here is some easy listening for hopefully vanderbilt and Kansas fans sometime around 7pm tomorrow.
  11. If we land Romeo in combination with louisvilles issues, I wonder how much it will help with recruiting in SE Indiana. Seems most in that area are louisville fans first. Could potentially help locking down the state.
  12. I have a grandma who is 88 and my wifes grandpa is I think 92. They both grew up on farms. They didnt have electricity or indoor plumbing and they experienced the great depression. I wonder what it must feel like to grow up like that and see all the things that exist today. My uncle and I built my first desktop computer in 1996. Giant monitor and giant tower and all the accessories. Now I carry one in my pocket. Pretty wild.
  13. I meant southwest. I got autocorrected
  14. Steve Bouchie A few years before my time but from the same hometown. Southwest Indiana's first Mr basketball.
  15. Only thing that makes me doubt is he has said a couple times that his fans will support his decision even if he dont pick IU. I dont think they will though.
  16. Steve hart I remember getting his autograph when he came to the local YMCA when I was a kid.
  17. She will be missing out on being the hanger on to a soon to be professional basketball player. Hopefully if it leaks it will be monday so we can see your work. We all know how slighted women can get. Wouldnt be surprised if it leaks about 6pm monday.
  18. According the Kansas guy he has known for a month as has his source and coaches. So supposedly no less than 4-5 people know for sure. If it was true it surely would have leaked buy now. I think the guy is bluffing hoping romeo goes to kansas so he can feel all warm and fuzzy for being the first to know.
  19. Maybe he hired doppelgangers just to keep everyone guessing.
  20. Surely the Langfords have to know if Romeo doesnt pick IU, with the way they have setup the announcement, that a whole lot of IU fans will be raw over it and turned off to supporting Romeo. He would get some local support and that's it. If its not IU I would think they would be more low key out of respect for fans. After all, the people at his games were chanting IU, not Romeo, because IU is who we root for.
  21. I thought we would have been to Mars by now. Also thought an earpeice that translates languages would have been developed an in common use. Teleportation would be cool. Im also still waiting on my flux capacitor.
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