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  1. @Reacher @FKIM01 I posted this awhile back.... Yes, a virus needs a host to survive and replicate. It uses the host cell DNA to make copies of the viruses sequence. Mutations occur when there are errors during replication. DNA has the ability to proofread, where most RNA viruses dont, so mutation rates are higher in RNA viruses. Fewer hosts would decrease the viruses chance of survival but wouldn't stop mutations from happening but I would imagine it would slow mutation rates down. To add to that, viruses want to live and not kill their host, so they get less deadly over time but more contagious. Just the way it works.
  2. I knew this day was coming just didn't expect it so soon. Thanks for the support. Been a rough few months. I have definitely been blessed with my new job because with all that is going on I wouldn't be able to make it at my old place. I have a very good insurance plan and time and a phenomenal manager. Also just found out yesterday I work with one of my wife's cousins in law. He's working from home right now. But a week after I started I get a text from someone I used to work at my old job with. Same shift schedule, it helped transitioning into my new job having someone familiar around who I consider a friend.
  3. What's wild to me is the therapist my wife goes to,the one that got me an appointment next Thursday, her mom was one of my grade school teachers and her brother, who I graduated with was in the truck that pulled out in front of me. An a friend and fellow offensive lineman, it was his sister who put me in that ditch.
  4. I'm not sure what led to this. Years of football and lifting weights? I had a dirt bike accident in fall 1998, cruising to my grandpa's farm, come over a hill on a gravel road. I remember the truck pulling out in front of me and waking up in the ditch, that's it. I refused to go to the hospital because 2 a days were 2 weeks away and I broke both bones in my left wrist the year before and I'd be damned if I will sit out another season. I could barely walk for two weeks. But it worked itself out and here I am now at 36 looking at back surgery. Oof. @Steubenhoosier I don't take pills especially narcotics. I turned them down last night. The pain isn't unbearable yet but I've dealt with it before. I guess I will deal with it as long as I can. But I have never and won't start ingesting pills.
  5. I may need to try that! I was sold on deep fried biscuits with apple butter. There is a place in Ireland, IN called The Chicken Place that's a good local joint.
  6. I wish there were more Lee's around. Closest to me is an hour away. Good stuff.
  7. What was your recovery time like? My wife goes to a sports therapist that I know from high school. So she put a recommendation in to a specialist in Bloomington. Have an appointment next Thursday and looks like diagnostic injections? may be a possibility.
  8. On and off for the last few years, but yeah just felt like normal everyday aches.
  9. Football and dirt bikes. Went to the chiropractor after being rear-ended when I was 16. On the xray it's showed an old stress fracture in my L5. I knew this was coming just wasn't expecting last night.
  10. Well I finally have a real problem. Stood up last night to go to bed and hit the deck. So I went to the ER had a bunch of tests and CT scan. Turns out I no longer have a functional disc between my L5 and S1 vertebrae. Just a worthless sac of air. So they are grinding together and my S1 is out of position because the bone to keep it in alignment isn't there anymore so my S1 is pinching nerves. Going to have an MRI to see if I need surgery.
  11. The best fried chickens are the ones you kill yourself. And rabbits too. But you need a Grandma to cook them up.
  12. Allright, I'll take that. But Jasper right now is going wild, new construction on Sonic, Zaxbys, McCalisters, Culver's, and.. you guessed it Chick-fil-A. Popeyes is probably next. I'm gonna get fat.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I like Chick-fil-A.....but give me Zaxbys. I've had it twice in Clarksville, IN and their working on building one in Jasper. I will work there part time if needed. So good.
  14. My wife spent $1200 on her dress. It's was a prototype and she ordered it from Australia. We still only spent $5000. Why? Because that was her parents budget and I'd be damned if I was going to spend my money on it. So I did what I do best and got to work. A DIY wedding. But it made for some great memories and everything is better when you do it yourself. I put that cake stand together with 3 tools, a hacksaw, some sandpaper, and a cordless drill.
  15. Is that how much it costs nowadays? I think we spent $5000 in 2008. I made all the invitations and built this cake stand in my college apartment. My wife's bridesmaid sister made brownies and cupcakes at no charge.
  16. I see that and imagine some pimento cheese on a ritz cracker. Reminds me of my gradmas house
  17. Well, you have seen my firepower so I could defend myself. That said my favorite WWE Wrestler Goldberg is a cat guy.
  18. Ive been there 5 or 6 times? Ive seen all the shoots. Night shoot is the best, but if you want a smaller crowd, the first day In April for the morning shoot is solid
  19. I wasnt a cat guy growing up, but having everything that exists on a farm you have them all. The black cat in the pic my wife picked up on the side of the road on her way home 10yrs ago. The other was part of a litter that was born under our deck last year. I named her Tyson, after Mike Tyson, because she is my proxy for having a Tiger. Yeah, I want a pet Tiger.
  20. I complain about tipping due to the awkward social interaction but like you tip on the higher side. Just got a Papa Johns in town and being lazy ordered delivery Friday night even though I could have went out and been back in less than 5 minutes. I got $10 off my order so tipped the delivery guy $10. The way I see it I was already going to spend that $10 so whatever.
  21. I dont calculate percentage anymore. When I did it was based on pre tax amount. Now its $5 minimum dine in, delivery only. $5 for delivery never more. $5 dine in, more based on performance. Too many variables, for example if I go to Dennys my order probably rings in around $15 but if I go to Longhorn Steakhouse about $50. Why should one server get more for doing the same job just because of menu pricing. I park my own car/truck. My only rule is cash tip only. Keep the taxman out of your pocket as much as possible. As an aside, I have not and will never pay a use tax for out of state or online purchases.
  22. I have these Parsley worms on my herbs
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