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  1. Knob Creek gun range in Kentucky. I know what im using some PTO days for. At about the 2:10 minute mark, that buzzsaw sound and solid stream of light at the right side of the video. Thats a German mg42 squad operated weapon, 1200 rpm. Thats what our soldiers faced on DDay and beyond.
  2. Still want to get an Inland M1 Carbine sometime. Been a few years since Ive been to Knob Creek. Probably go back this fall. All I want is to shoot an MG42 and Browning .30 cal BAR. Anyway, if i ever have the money, which is a possibility, im buying a .30 cal BAR.
  3. So basically, 2 assholes get together and nothing good comes from it. Nothing new it seems.
  4. I actually broke my piggie this way. My other toes be like that though.
  5. Just adding some historical context. The reason the XM-177 E1 and E2 rifles were developed was because LRRP, and MACV-SOG units worked in 6-12 man teams. At the time the M-16 had a barrel length of 20" inches with a duckbill flash hider. When small teams went out early during the war the Vietnamese could tell based the rifle sound if it was a small team or company. So special forces originally cut the barrel down to 10.5(E1 model) inches with a baffled moderater to make it sound like an M16 to confuse the enemy. Eventually settled on an 11.5 in barrel and 5.5 in moderator. My replica has no baffles because if I bought an original moderator it would cost $2000 plus the NFA tax. So i bought a replica from some guy in Texas, milled out in his garage. Sent it off to have it permanently welded.
  6. As much as I love the $10 bill and other small demononations because more bills make the wallet fat. Hamilton was a Federalist and proponent of a Cental bank. Thats why he got shot.
  7. Trout can become ‘addicted’ to meth. Meth head Trout anyone?
  8. One thing about that 177 E2 build. I sold my baseball, basketball, and football card collection to pay for part of it. I had alot of great collections and cards. My most valuable was Carl Yastrzemski card, my last hold out. When my dad left home for tech school my grandpa, being a dumbass, tossed my dads baseball card collection, which he told be had Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente rookie cards. Probably a million dollar collection. Ouch!
  9. I dont even buy guns anymore. Someone does it for more, not that I ask for it. I will say between the 2 of us ammo is no problem. But that Remington R1 1911 in that pic. That was a Birthday present. Before he bought that he gave me a choice and I picked a Rock Island 1911. Then he went and bought that and said here, this is your gift take it. You know what im talking about. He is doing better btw. Which makes me happy.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Very cool stuff. That Spencer rifle you have is a great peice.
  11. So a story, the reason I built the AR that lays on the bed. That is replica of a Colt 177 E2 that my granpa carried in Vietnam. I could have spent 3000+ $$ building it but fortunately some internet strangers replicated parts in their garage and I did it for $900. The most important part of that build was the A1 Vietnam era lower receiver which was a replica but an important part of the puzzle, the original muzzle device is an NFA item, and an original aluminum stock went for $400. So I improvised and built a solid replica. I estimatex 65% of that build is original A1 parts some dating back to the 60's. Spent 18 months sourcing parts and constructing that rifle. Shorter story, my grandpa earned an expert riflemans badge on the M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, and marksmanship badge on the 1911. He was 5'9" im 6'4" so I chose the Garand and 1911.
  12. I just have to laugh at news articles that say, "He was caught with an arsenal of a handgun with a rifle and 2 loaded clips" If they think thats an arsenal, pppfffttt!!! They are in for a rude awaking.
  13. I'm reposting this because I accidentaly deleted trying to obscure serial #'s. lets be real, .gov knows what I have. Some of them are gifts, but i did build the AR15's and when I went to buy the Garand in Anniston, Alamabama, I toured the Shiloh Battelfield on the way.
  14. One cooking method Ive used the last few times, put salmon on an oiled sheet pan and put in cold oven. Then insert meat thermometer. Turn oven to 400. Takes about 10-15 minutes in mine. I roast a couple lemon halves with it to squeeze over the top. As much as I like the grill, this method is so easy and foolproof.
  15. I once grilled through a Tornado warning. Weather was fine when I started the grill, as soon as I got my steaks on it started rolling in. Rolled the grill to the front of the house for a windbreak and kept at it.
  16. This salmon talk reminds me I need to go get some Copper River Salmon this coming week.
  17. This artice is ridiculous. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/07/08/us/keegan-casteel-chicago-hotel-weapons-arrest/index.html
  18. The thing about M1 Garands is very few of them have original parts. Its been awhile but on one trip to the Sugar Ridge gun range in Pike County, not far from Winslow. I met a guy who was a Garand aficionado. He had maybe a dozen. Korean Veteran. We spent range trips together after that. Pretty cool dude. Anyway, he critiqued mine, and i got a good one. The receicer is early 50's Springfield, the operating rod is H&R, the barrel is Springfield, and the wood is WW2 according to the cartouche marks. So according to this supposed M1 Garand expert, my M1 likely crushed some german skulls.
  19. Looks familiar. Used to drive by that pool every day in a car without AC wishing i could just be a kid again.
  20. When I was at the CMP store they had Winchester M1 receivers going for a minimum $450. Now THAT is a collecters item. If I knew then I would have passed on ammo and bought a couple. Anyone who owns and appreciates a garand is solid. Could you imagine carrying that thing all day? And designed by a Canadian.
  21. @FKIM01 The peice I want more than anything is a Browning .30 Cal BAR machine gun. If I ever have the money I will pay the NFA fees and the moolah to get one. I keep going down to the Knob Creek Machine gun shoot hoping one day I can buy one.
  22. Absolutely, drove down to the CMP store in Anniston, Alabama in 09' to get it. Paid $450 and bought a couple cases of surplus ammo. Still reloading that brass. Best part is it turned into a great vacation with my wife. Spent a few great nights in Nashville on the way home. Speaking of investment, yeah it is, and i had the money and should have bought an ingersoll rand or singer M1 carbine when they were available.
  23. Working on a knife and sword collection too.
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