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  1. My phone went bust a couple weeks ago. Still waiting on my order. So no pics either. I usually plant 4-5 and have a couple underperform. This year planted 7. All are doing great. My sun sugar is about 6ft right now. My giant syrians I did from seed are taking off. One interesting observation. My tomatoes that spend most of their time in the shade during the day are growing much faster than the ones the get full sun. When I get s chance I will share a pic.
  2. I said it early on. This pandemic would follow the normal distribution like all other respiratory diseases in recordable human history. I posted the most recent graphs. Looks like a normal 2 wave bell curve but what do I know?
  3. I guess it ends with this.
  4. This pushing the delta variant is nothing more than fear mongering. Its playing on the fears and anxieties of people who have no scientific education beyond 9th grade biology, if they even passed. Dr. Tony, From April, less than 10,000 cases Joe, Door to Door vaccination efforts Reality, There is no surge. New cases New deaths
  5. https://www.insideedition.com/missing-model-called-to-tell-husband-the-pool-was-caving-in-before-miami-building-collapse-67996
  6. Tragic and so easy to avoid. I use paving stones and a flat surface to secure my mortars and larger fireworks.
  7. Used to watch the city park show from my uncle Morgans house down by the old Snack Shack. Pretty good view.
  8. My go to fireworks store, the Ash family by Boggs is usually loaded, and he puts on a show same time as Boggs and is always better. His store had nothing. What he told me is he started placing orders last August but because of the supply chain disruption he was backordered. But the big box stores got supply first. But the big stuff for commercial displays is sitting on ships outside the port of LA. I don't know, just what some dude who has been selling fireworks for 30+ years told me.
  9. Still have all my digits. Have never seem people set off fireworks like this before.
  10. Also have these. Skip ahead to 50 seconds. cant wait. Mortars are my favorite.
  11. So are you agreeing that it a good thing? should have happened sooner especially since, if i remember correctly the NCAA calls themselves non profit for tax benefits. Its about time college athletes have some freedom. There is a South Park episode about this but, yeah cant post it.
  12. ok, so i went against tradition and set this off last night because i couldnt help myself. went and bought another one. not my video though.
  13. NIL seems like free market capitalism to me, and that is fine.
  14. I bet alot of dudes would be willing to pay for DM's if you know what I mean.
  15. I keep it traditional and light it all up on the 4th.
  16. BOOM! bought some fireworks
  17. So if I understand this correctly,the althetes aren't financially responsible if they leave?
  18. Fine by me. I think alot of these kids will find out their likeness isn't as valuable as they thought and may push them to work harder.
  19. Well, I dont want to embarrass anybody😁
  20. This came from the Lab, our government is not to be trusted. The China Communist Party is feeding the propaganda. They own both parties, social, and tech media. Seriously, wake up before it's too late. Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want. But every they time they do this https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9722263/National-Guard-preparing-major-cyber-attack-bring-utilities-US.html Something similar follows. Get prepared.
  21. I think this was Scottish Salmon. Which I think is Atlantic. We usually get what's on sale. And Aldi, if you have that has some great frozen salmon.
  22. Cooked some salmon not long ago. Figured it would take 20 mins or so. Was done in 10. Also, one thing we learned not long ago when cooking fish, put it in a cold oven, then turn the oven on. Keeps the outer part from drying out.
  23. @IUFLA Bought the wife a digital meat thermometer for Christmas. I have used it to check my smoker temps. Turns out once my fire is going I can keep a steady 250 pretty easily. Also, things cook alot faster than I thought they did.
  24. True on both accounts. Pool cleaning sucks. Guess whose summer job that was.
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