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  1. My schedule is Fri,Sat,Sun. Monday is a normal day off for me. The good thing though is if a holiday falls during the week a couple of us still get a workday off. So for Labor day I will get Sunday off and Monday. Since I'm salary I get paid for it too.
  2. So a few days late, anyway On June 22, 1967 Alpha Co. of the 2nd/B/503/173 Airborne got into a fight on hill 1338, called the battle of the slopes. Here some audio I took from YouTube. Out of a company of about 135 only 23 lived through this. Then a few months later they fought the battle of Hill 875.
  3. Wrap asparagus with prosciutto and you will love it.
  4. I dont where else to put this. I cant stand holidays anymore. Growing up in a divorced family with both parents being remarried, Christmas was a chore. I was happiest at my dads and grandmas. Anyway, my wife is bitching about the fact I flipped a coin with a coworker to decide who works July 4th. I lost, but I will still be home by 630 well before dark! Her complaint, we can have an all day thing. Reality, its going to be hot and I will sit on my ass all day anyway til night comes. Ugh, I just cant win.
  5. Got a burrito pepper plant from home depot. Already and a ripe one. So good. Definitely recommend trying sometime.
  6. So maybe not with my next bonus check but before this year is over I'm getting one of these An OONIE pellet fired pizza oven.
  7. Maybe I just have feel for it or an instinct but I have never used a thermometer in the meat. Bought a meat thermometer for my wife last Christmas but only used it to check smoker temp. I will say I have come along way from making chewy oven ribs to where I am now. Food shows, books, and a passion to be the best I can be.
  8. Smoked some cheese with it tonight to put on burgers with a tomato feta salad and sweet corn. I was hungry and ate it before I could take a picture. And let's be real, wife was hangry and said let's eat, why do you have to take a picture of all your food! Anyway, burger, smoked white cheddar, carmelized candy onions and jalapenos, and burrito peppers(I will make a post in the gardening thread about these) and fresh garden lettuce topped with a cilantro/lime crema.
  9. Do you eat bread? Honest question cause I dont know much about vegan food. I mean I've eaten it, bbq Seitian isnt too bad, hell I'll eat any except for bugs and barnacles. Still curious about sea boogers(oysters) Anyway, one of my favorite summer foods is a grilled vegetable Hero(sandwich). I do put fresh mozzarella on it. But if you want the recipe just let me know.
  10. Man, it's a really long story. When I started there in 2012 I think? The first 3-4 years were great. Money was fine work environment was fine. I worked in the microbiology lab. Shit went downhill in spring of 2016 when they hired a dental hygienist to be lab manager. Let's be real, you know that place and nepotism runs deep. The last manager I had was previously a restaurant manager to run quality control over the facility. I Really did like spending time with Grandpa Jack, Jerry, and them Brewer kids.
  11. Deleted gene sequences confirm coronavirus circulated before Wuhan seafood market Genetic sequences taken from people who caught the virus at the Wuhan seafood market likely had three mutations that differed from the original viral sequence, Pond and Bloom both estimate. "For SARS-CoV-2, 3 mutations translate to about 4-6 weeks of evolution (roughly). Hence the Wuhan market is not a plausible single origin source," Pond said.
  12. You may be right but the building on the left was fine. I dont know. I guess we wait to see if someone in the collapsed buildings had dirt on the Clintons. Jk, dont ban me please.
  13. Thats kinda the point I was trying to make. I may shitpost from time to time but I doubt those kids are dealing with real hardship.
  14. I guess I just needed a place to say it. My family has had this problem for generations. The curse of being Irish I guess. BTW my favorite NBA team growing up was the Celtics. Maybe Larry Bird had something to do with it, Or this movie
  15. @BGleas "I just don't understand your point there?" Part of solving this problem of mine, which I thought I did, is admitting you have one. I dont really interact with people in real life. I have my wife, coworkers, pets and you internet strangers/friends. Just trying to build my toolbox for a healthy sober life. I pray every day for it to get easier.
  16. I honestly feel like Rocky fighting Clubber Lang, because in Rocky 3 Mr. T beat the crap out of Rocky in the first fight but then Rocky came back and knocked Clubbers head around. Pretty much alcoholism goes back multiple generations. It's a battle but one that I will win.
  17. The more I look at it that was a controlled demolition. Look at the flashes of light in the building on the right.
  18. Something doesn't seem right about this. This building survived hurricane Andrew and when that hurricane happened my grandma and granpa had a beach house that survived that storm. 1992 if I remember correctly.
  19. Been following this discussion and I'm going to chime in. Watching and listening to these kids who get an opportunity 98% of others could only dream of and bitching about it Try being an alcoholic, but dont, please. It's a living hell. The greatest challenge of my life. I have to fight it every single day.
  20. I remember a guy hooked a paddlefish in greene county years ago. Very cool catch. They are pretty much freshwater whales. They are basket feeders so if you get one you got lucky.
  21. Lending practices certainly dont help. When I went to buy my house in 2009 the loan officer said I could get a loan with a monthly payment up to 30% of gross monthly pay, which is dumb because you dont take home gross pay. I said nope my rent is $500 I will pay no more than $550 with escrow included. Point is banks will loan you whatever and that helps drive the prices up because people will take the maximum they can.
  22. These lockdowns were an ignorant short sighted and poorly thought out idea. The epitome of know nothing idiots trying to "do something". Not a fan of Jim Cramer but he is spot on here. Jim Cramer: The pandemic led to 'one of the greatest wealth transfers in history'
  23. I just want Wisconsin to suck again. At everything.
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