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  1. Think what you want about Metallica after the Black album but this song from Load is one of my favorites Lars still sucks.
  2. Our early harvest produced so much that my wife gave a couple gallon bags of lettuce and salad toppings to a client that is having a family reunion. So we provided salads for about 16 people and we will be eating fresh for the next week or two. Feels good.
  3. Jasper won another baseball State championship. What's knew? What an unbelievable program they built.
  4. I'm pretty fortunate at the moment. I work 36 hrs a week, 3 12's Fri-Sun. Phenomenal benefits, work half as much and make twice what I used to. 154 PTO hrs day 1. No 401K vesting period and 4% match. 8 and probably now 9 paid holidays, Awesome manager, how many can say that? That said, I realize I got lucky but I also worked shit jobs and off hours and spent my time in the trenches. I got fired from my first job out of college and worked in a furniture factory for almost a year because it's what I had to do. Spent the years driving 75 miles each way because every job I tried to find otherwise wanted 2nd or 3rd shift until now.
  5. Good deal! I plan on planting a couple more peppers tomorrow since I have the space. Was at Home Depot today and they still have alot of plants, either flowering or producing fruit. Alot of what I did today was plant seeds in rows I already harvested. Having 4 days off a week gives me time to be a part time farmer!
  6. Done some gardening this afternoon. Most early stuff is out. Planted a butternut squash and muskmellon(new one for me). Got my Giant Syrians in. Since I have alot more time this year, will keep a rotation of greens,carrots and beets going. Probably my best garden year yet.
  7. Bought this miniature smoking tool. Figure I could quick smoke small things like cheese, jalapenos ect. Anyone used one before?
  8. Look to the bottom right for the best part. Lol
  9. G. Michael Hopf, Those Who Remain
  10. Took a break from the internet and went and picked some berries with the wife. I didnt mean to strawman you and I'll admit I sometimes muddy my point. And @IUFLA said it best and no need to elaborate on that. Just my general worldview, it's the elites against all of us. Everything they create to divide us just makes us easier to subjugate. Think about it, how do a few hundred people keep 330,000,000+ million under control? Continually divide us into smaller and smaller groups that hate each other. And while we are at each others throats they hoard the wealth by stealing it through taxation and inflation. That said, I'm off my soapbox now.
  11. I've got a U-pick your own berries place about 20 mins from the house. Got these today. Blueberries, black and red raspberries. They have blackberries too but still a week or 2 out.
  12. Wah,wah sounds like a bunch of babies to me. We dont have a relationship woopididoo. He's the coach, not your daddy.
  13. @NotIThatLives I'm going to agree with a lot of what(most) of what you said. To keep it short, this anti-white rhetoric does nothing to help. As a White Straight Christian gun owner male minding his own business who wants to live and be left alone. How am I supposed to feel when the world keeps shoving shit in my face I want or have no need to be a part of. I never wronged anyone. Leave me the hell alone. That's how I feel.
  14. Well there is XI which will lead to lawsuits because womens sports will be eradicated. What about IU baseball, swimming, golf?
  15. I'm with you. Listen when someone tells you, you are wrong? Depends on the context and interpretation. I think pedophilia is wrong but the members of the National Man Love Boy Association dont think so. Yes, NAMBLE is real, look it up. Point is, what is wrong is up to the individual. As for me, I have nothing to apologize for. I live an honest life, albeit sometimes offensive but I do my best to be respectful and truthful.
  16. I disagree. 350,000+ Union WHITE soldiers gave their lives to end slavery including one of my ancestors on my grandmas side at the Battle of Perryville,Ky. It is insulting to think their freedom has nothing to do with white people.
  17. My issue with creating a holiday to celebrate this is including "National Independence Day" as part of the Holiday title, 2 weeks before the day we celebrate July 4th. I should have never read Orwells 1984. Also, chattel slavery is alive and well today in Africa and the middle east, but noone seems to care about that.
  18. I dont have the counterspace for something like that so I bought a new flattop range last june that has a convection similar to your countertop unit. Wings turn out well. Noice.
  19. Maybe you already know this, but soak your fries in salt water for 30 minutes or so, or even overnight to pull the starch out. Rinse then fry. Makes them crisper.
  20. Wondered that myself but cant find anything specific for that company.
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