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  1. Wish him the best of luck..... He said he believes in what they are building.......hmmmm.
  2. Probably this movie......It was put out in 1999.
  3. “The name’s Monds, James Monds!” 🤩
  4. ........Trenton Watford 👎🏼Coach Miller. I wonder how many more we lost because of that...🤔
  5. Maybe with Woodson's offense and new coaching staff, Leal can be utilized better.
  6. .....right, I don't see Leal, Galloway, Parker or Hunter leaving. Leal and Galloway seem like "Born a Hoosier, Always a Hoosier" type players, and Parker and Hunter posted their admiration and support for Coach Woodson.
  7. O.K. smart a**....lol I am just having a hard time figuring out who else would consider leaving....... Honestly, why would anyone else want to leave? Unless you were told your role will be drastically reduced.... This NEW coaching staff and current roster, (on paper) looks NASTY!
  8. I wonder who the "swap in and out" could be?.....It leads me to believe, another current player could enter transfer portal as we have our eyes on an additional key player in the portal. Am I reading this correctly?
  9. Dare I ask.......TJD, are we done yet?......🤔
  10. It’s like in the movies......I can’t get this image out of my head.....Coach Woodson, Coach Fife, Coach Rosemond, Coach Hunter and Coach Matta walking into a crowded room.... (all in a regal, slow motion pace)....The crowd is in awe. 🤩🤓
  11. .....Exact feelings Jeff! Once they "break-up", I'm done, it's time to move on. Without sounding cruel and harsh, to be honest, "they're dead to me." Next....
  12. .......bottom line, "the unknown" vs. proven/successful/familiarity
  13. .....his reply,........”Michael? That’s Coach Woodson!” 😉
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