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  1. Yep.... or steal one or two on the road.
  2. I agree. All our remaining game are huge. However, we have to return the favor and get back a win from the teams we lost to earlier. We got punched in the mouth and need to learn from it and return the favor. Rutgers needs to be circled REAL BIG!
  3. I, for one, have not posting anything relating to a program issue because of this Maryland loss. I always like to make light of a loss and find a likely reason, cause and effect or glaring statistic. Dissection helps calm my frustration and OCD....lol
  4. How about if I re-word that...... You're correct, they played poorly, but could have broken their BIGTEN home winning streak. I think we made them look better than they actually are by missing so many open shots.
  5. We made them look a whole lot better that they are. They are good, but we are better. Winning on the road is hard, even against teams with loosing records. We just needed to shut them up and break their home winning streak! How many IU fans were thinking, "If you keep yelling OVER-RATED and AIR-BALL to TJD, your gonna be sorry!"? Even Hummel heard it and said during the game, "I don't think you guys wanna be doing that!"
  6. I bolded your sentence because I respectfully disagree. During that 3 game skid our defense looked like swiss cheese and we weren't even getting consistent, open shots. Last night our defense was good enough to win the game. It was a combination if things.... We had a "plethora" of open shots that normally go down, but the lid was closed last night. Secondly, 1st half fouls on key players took us out of any momentum we were trying to build. Because of this, it took us out of certain, key defensive match ups. We never could get into a flow because the whistle was constantly being blown against one of our players..... That's exactly how I see it. I will now insert Coach Woodson's quote, "Shit Happens!".....and it stunk!
  7. That zone forced TJD to go inside or dish it out. With their zone, TJD was still able to pass and successfully connect with open shooters, despite a few passes picked off. We had a ton of open, uncontested 3 pt shots, they just didn't go down.
  8. I took his "Shit Happens" response to him subliminally taking a jab at the poor officiating, which eventually helped snowball everything else IU was trying to do...lol
  9. On the other hand, Geronimo could have been the "X" factor by taking up the slack for Race not being 100%. Race looked a step slow for obvious reasons, but he is definitely getting better. I really miss his 3 pt shooting. It often stretched the defenses out when he was hitting.
  10. I'm sure that was as "loaded" or "subliminal" response lol!
  11. I totally agree! Every shot he took, with the exception of a few were shots he normally would make. He was definitely pushing a little more. I just kept thinking, "Now, THIS one is finally going in and then he will get hot!" Obviously, that never happened.
  12. IMHO, Inconsistent officiating and poor shooting was IU's demise. Turnovers seemed high because Maryland had so few. 12 or less TO's is about what Coach Woodson would shoot for. Also, we were getting great open shots from beyond the arc, as well as TJD and JHS. They just were not going in. The early and often, ticky-tack fouls hurt the flow of the game and ANY consistency that IU tried to establish. On top of that, the fouls the officials were calling on IU, weren't being called on the Terps..... At least the majority of them. IU shot 10-12 free throws while Maryland shot 25-29. IU, winners of 5 straight games, due to great defense and shooting, gets the shaft this game! They didn't play their best, but IMO, the officiating took the game away from them. If you asked me, I would tell you I'd much rather lose @ unranked Maryland and beat #1 Purdue at home this Saturday. GO IU!
  13. ....something more like, "I'm sure there's going to be a nice little fine for my opinion on the officiating tonight, but frankly, I don't give a DAMN, it was BULL$hi#!"
  14. I wonder how much influence Big Bro will have on this, especially his attitude towards IU?
  15. Me too. I think these kids like the mystery and drama of the chase. I would rather them say “Top 2”, if I’m not one of those and I really liked the kid, I’m gonna work like heck to sneak in and change his tune. I love a good underdog story!
  16. I feel it’s Rutgers and the others are a distant 4. It would be great to land him but, who knows….. The way we have been playing and if we can stay consistent, we can look pretty good to a lot of kids.
  17. I remember Coach Knight time and time again, publicly speaking against playing late games.
  18. I know….I was genuinely flattered, and he wasn’t even talking about me..! lol can you imagine Izzo saying that about him?
  19. ....and on top of being a high level guard, he's also a high energy, quick footed ball handler! We need him, but we need him fully healthy and ready to play full throttle like he's used to. When I say "full throttle", I mean when he is playing his A game and under control. He's gonna need that foot healed and pain free to be effective at his position. JHS has really stepped up and rang the bell in that regard.
  20. I'll put my money on a good Philly Cheesesteak!
  21. I have a sneaky feeling that XJ is gonna make a surprise debut in the coming few weeks. No info, just a gut.
  22. ….and, Shez damn near ‘bout to split in half up thar betwixt Elkton and Chesapeake City! 🥴😂
  23. JHS and Malik keep delivering, it sure helps that Montverde Academy connection looks better and better for the future.
  24. I love what Malik has been doing. He has become more mature and a valuable player. It’s almost as if he has glue on his hands. It often appears as if he’s not going to get a pass or rebound but always pulls it in.
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