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  1. It’s a highlight film, but looks like the kid can play.
  2. My guess is Brunk takes Moore's place in the junior class. Nothing against Clifton, I just assume he wants to play.
  3. He's a sophomore. In high school.
  4. There's about a 0.01% chance Romeo returns. And for that to happen, I think he would have to be severely sick going in to the combine, perform horribly and drop out of the lottery. Otherwise, he gone.
  5. I think Moore and Damezi are the likely transfer candidates.
  6. Well...Sampson's team had a bunch of talented basketball players. I am a big Romeo fan, but Eric Gordon was twice the player that Romeo is. This team has about 3 or 4 talented players. And another one and his dad, who thinks he's a lot better than he really is because he jumps high.
  7. Romeo is a lottery pick. And his stock will only rise.
  8. These days it doesn't matter what the mock drafts say. Underclassmen can now go straight to the horse's mouth.
  9. A good read... http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/25378942/why-romeo-langford-decided-stay-indiana-all
  10. My hope is that this recruitment turns in to one similar to TJD
  11. I agree with you. But I like the “disrespect” at this point. The nation will hear Archie & Co. loud and clear real soon.
  12. Expectations being tempered. Rabjohns said Romeo puts us at around a 4th-5th place finish in the B1G. I think realistically, the floor is 3rd-4th place. Ceiling is 1st. This will mostly be determined by Devonte Green. But it really does those journalists no good to predict a 1st-2nd place finish.
  13. I don't think there's any doubt Archie could use Romeo...in short spurts...to bring the ball up. Using a lineup like Romeo, McBob, Hunter, Smith, Juwan. Ultimately, I think DG and AD will own that PG spot, with the focus this off season on how to play point guard...as opposed to, here's how you play D, this is the D we are going to run, this is the offense, these are good decisions, these are good shots, these are bad shots, etc. Now, Archie can teach these kids to thrive in their role.
  14. I agree with you. But I'll propose this..... Maybe Archie knows something we don't. Maybe he's gotten an "all-in" commitment from Devonte...he has gotten rave reviews about his spring workouts. Durham, Race and DG have been the standouts this spring. I think if we saw big jumps from Devonte and Al, no one would be surprised. I say this, 1, because DG and AD have been 2 of the top 3 standouts in the spring, and 2, because I feel if Archie thought we were in trouble at guard, then he would have been a little more hot on some grad transfers or JUCOs...but seemingly, he wasn't. Don't think he even offered one.
  15. Great post. I don't think Romeo will have any problem shooting 38%+ from 3 next year.
  16. I would really like to see Garland vs. Green...it won't happen, because Vandy's ceiling is NIT 6 seed, but I would put my money on Devonte. Devonte can be so good. Edit: sorry I misread your post. I thought you said the only thing better about Vandy, is DG. But I would still love to see DG vs DG
  17. This isn’t more and more people thinking it. It’s more and more people just following suit with a couple people that likely do know.
  18. I think Romeo has implied he's all about "the league". I don't hold it against him and I don't view it as selfish...but I think all I've ever heard him talk about is getting ready for "the league". This is pretty much every recruit, unfortunately. I would prefer to hear guys talk about winning...but here we are, where every Top 150 recruit in the country is going to the NBA.
  19. It's not fair game. It's an 18 year old kid making a decision on where he's going to college. This isn't DC politics. RMK was not wrong in his assessment of the media. Nor was Mike Gundy.
  20. No. Coaches aren't allowed at the showcase games.
  21. My understanding is that any visit at this point has to be a team/school sanctioned event. I could be wrong, but I remember reading this somewhere after NA lost and we still had a visit left on the table.
  22. I enjoyed this... Per Rabjohns... Vandy coach Bryce Drew and his staff were put up on the third level, corner spot. Last Saturday, Archie Miller and his staff sat center court behind the scorer's table.
  23. Oh good, we're talking about fan backlash again...
  24. From everything I've read here, and a paid site, Tim Langford is sold on IU. Knowing this, and assuming it's true..which I believe it is...we can look at the situation in 2 ways... 1. Both Tim and Romeo are sold, but want to visit IU to inquire about things in regards to his college life in Bloomington...academics, living facilities, schedule, etc. Don't feel comfortable committing without gathering all of that information and making plans. I doubt during his other visits to Btown, he was too focused on the normal life college student stuff. Seeing as how the Langford's have executed their plan all along, this would not surprise me...and in fact, I would expect it. 2. Tim is sold on IU, but Romeo is still torn...with maybe his heart in Nashville (who has been recruiting him longer) and his head (and part of his heart) in Bloomington. In which case, listen to your parents, Romeo!
  25. Ha! I forgot about that. Which recruit did he send that to? I forget
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