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  1. He has mentioned that he wanted past jobs, but couldn't get out of contacts. It was a big deal what the Knicks did for him.
  2. Agree. Mike Woodson is a special coach and person.
  3. Kids know the NBA. They do. They study and want to be it. The Knicks are cool, the old Hawks were as well. IU fans, or more specifically those who post on boards..know Indiana kids, and have favorites based on that. There is an emotional attachment to it. It's the movie Hoosiers. Here in Chicago, when I asked, kids knew who Mike Woodson was.
  4. So far recruits being recruited and those who have committed all commented about how everyone knows Mike Woodson. Today, Durr said, "And, coach Woodson, obviously evernody knows about him." Bates and others had similar responses. Got to bring it up as some debated when I brought up kids know who he is. Mike Woodson is going to be a rock star at IU. Hopefully, fans are buying in, because IU is trending upward.
  5. Good tidbit - got to live the culture you want. That and the desire to get someone that will change shots at the rim. Timing and attitude is everything.
  6. Keith Smart would of been great. But, this staff is excellent- everthing is checked based on experience, expertise and recruiting.
  7. Good list- some underappreciated pgs, but maybe not on that list, Strickland, Calloway, Jim Thomas. Can't forget Coverdale as that was the last to lead a final 4 team.
  8. Have a feeling IU has found some help in that area in the past few weeks, and have a feeling that a green light of confidence will improve the over thinking of some of our able shooters. And, have a feeling we will be getting a bunch more - scholarships given out is proving that. There is no doubt this staff wants to shoot the three and they also want to play fast and furious. They are going after their players. Hope the best for the kid, any kid, got to think this staff is connected and talented. There system is going to be different and fun.
  9. I get this player is a fan favorite. But, Roberts goes to Cincinnati- doesn't sound like they offered. Fife has been recruiting midwest, doesn't look like MSU or when he went to IU offered. Am I missing something? IU has passed out some scholarship offers in the last few weeks. Some pg they are going after are jet fast. We have a stable of guards, solidified within the past few weeks. What am I missing, except he is a fan favorite? Asking, not knowing. And, I trust the evaluation of the entire staff.
  10. Good stuff! My mind wonders if there will be more movement with some of the admin roles that carried over. Would be interesting to see if they fill this role and with who.
  11. It's the choice of the player there, especially under IU's code. But, either you compete for your share or you find somewhere else that would provide it for you.
  12. Totally agree! Imagine some of the athletes who can play basketball would do? We are seeing it a Baylor, Michigan, etc. Just naming two. Cause havoc on D and be lightning on O.
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