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  1. Lewis would be a good choice.
  2. I don’t think he is implying the player on the back end is necessarily from IU. Could be anybody.
  3. Hope after everyone gets there emotional negativity out that we can all get behind the new coach and give him the same chance that Crean and Miller got.
  4. Much rather win games than the press conference. Any new coach is a crap shoot but Woodson has some characteristics that can give him a shot of being a really good recruiter. Which is the biggest question mark IMO.
  5. I can at least make a case where Woody will be successful. Much more difficult with some of the other names that were being thrown around.
  6. I don’t think they pay $10 mil to get Moser. But I agree that Moser has drastically improved over the last 4 seasons. People going back 12 years is a bit ridiculous. The high school seniors were just starting kindergarten then. Lol. He has improved as a coach and continues to develop. If we end up with Moser, then I’ll support him. He isn’t Archie Miller. I think that comparison is lazy and false. Would I rather of Eric Musselman? Yes. But I’ll support whoever the next coach without judging W/L’s for the first 3 years. Year 4 is decision time.
  7. That would be interesting. I figure it will be Beard. But you bring up a solid point, Texas has the money to get Calipari and better recruiting grounds. Interesting thought. Well done.
  8. Isn’t that what Massholes do... if he is one he will stick to them. Lol
  9. Shhhh. You’re ruining a good narrative of IU fans crapping on their own program.
  10. You think they are ready to go head to head against the coaches in the Big Ten and come out on top both on the court and in recruiting? Howard has the #1 recruiting class coming in and is in the Sweet 16 in year 1. Fife and Lewis can come in and be just as good? I do think Archie left a good young group of players to build from. Beilein gives instant credibility to the staff and helps ease one of them into the role.
  11. Good thing we got duped then. Archie sucks and needed to go.
  12. Beilein would need to be the HC and either of them as assistants for a few years. Neither are ready to just jump in.
  13. This isn’t a screw up. It’s being thorough. Matta of healthy is a top coach and worth talking to and finding out if healthy.
  14. Lol. A quality AD checks on a extremely talented and successful coach. He then has him take a physical to verify if he can do the job. That’s being thorough and we should all take confidence that Dolson is doing the right thing.
  15. Dolson is doing his job at a high level right now. hope Matta can continue to progress and get as healthy as possible.
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