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  1. I know Russian’s have a high amount of skepticism about all medications as there are so many cases of fake medications! Also, Moderna, J&J and Phizer are not available there!
  2. It’s MUCH larger than this, our domestic Environmentalists have moved an amazing number of manufacturing processes out of the United States! Chrome plating for instance, I’ve personally witnessed an operator in China take the rack of parts coming out of one of the tanks and proceeding to spin it like the Wheel of Fortune throwing those chemicals around. They take stuff we outlaw and routinely pour it down the drain. If those environmentalists think they have done the world a good thing, they are completely clueless! They need to actually visit China manufacturing!
  3. Update from GA. The city I work in is about 30 miles south of Atlanta airport! They are pretty much out of gas. The rural communities around were I live have been rationing, so they still have gas. Seems almost backwards, as my work city is one of the more elite cities and where I live is considered one of the poorest and uneducated!
  4. Besides, in all seriousness! If I spoke my mind, I would probably get banned from my sanctuary!
  5. Because, like I said things like this are getting serious!
  6. All humor aside, things are getting serious, and my best friend is Russian and I’m wondering if I’ll ever see her again?
  7. And what happens when Darkwhaterver attacks our electrical grid? And yes 2001 is one of my more favorite Sci Fi movies!
  8. My friends and I used to go Tarpon fishing in the Keys every year during the winter! One year my friend decided he wanted to try his hand at Bonefish! He caught a Snook instead! We took it to our favorite watering hole, restaurant for them to cook it. Everyone there told us what a treasure we had.! Have to say the best fish I have ever eaten, there was leftovers and we let the staff have it. We were heroes!
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/colonial-pipeline-ransomware-hack-and-gas-shortage-what-you-need-to-know/ar-BB1gCIcy I know most of you aren’t affected, but here in Georgia! Yesterday prices went up $.20-.30 per gallon. I needed to fill up yesterday anyway, but today going home on a mostly rural state Highway commute, all the gas stations except one had bags on the pumps! And the one was rationing $10 maximum! Told my boss I have a enough to get me through the week but he might start thinking about me working remote next week! Hopefully, they get things running again by
  10. I had fun with my coworkers with this post! Thanks! This is the response I got!
  11. Coziest resteraunt in each state This is a list I've not seen before, I like this one!
  12. 12 of the worlds most indulgent comfort foods I think I just gained 10 lbs
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