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  1. Okay so just now a raccoon sauntered up on my porch and walked up within 5' of me before I yelled. Luckily he turned around, however as he walked off it seemed like he had an even more awkward walk than raccoons normally have. Certainly hope there isn't rabies or some other disease going around!!
  2. First off I’m so happy for Simone’ that she was able to overcome, even though it was obvious she was not at full confidence! Second what about Tamyra Mensah-Stock! Kind of reminds me of 68 with all the political protests going on and George Forman after winning Gold walked around the ring with a 4*6 American flag waving. She’s just much more exuberant!!!!!
  3. So many stories! I’ll just go with this. My Pastor and his Wife opened a coffee shop. Let’s just say good help in this community doesn’t exist! Trying to help them out even I worked the tables one night!! I am not wait staff!
  4. The classic sandwich to order in each state I think I've been living in Georgia too long, had a pimento cheese for breakfast!
  5. Worked with an office manager, she actually loved her man, they ended up being tandem long haul truck drivers. She did admit that when he pissed her off she would clean the toilet with his toothbrush!
  6. Monday, those who can go back to remote work. Geez
  7. There are so many things wrong with this picture! Stereo Country as opposed to Mono? The placement of of his hand shadow on the girl?! Oh and shoes in the pool, I’m disgusted absolutely disgusted!
  8. It’s seems well known that breakthrough cases are real, but how many were actually experiencing symptoms? Probably because they were on some mandatory testing protocol they were found otherwise they probably would have never known. I understand that vaccinated can catch and spread Covid, but I got vaccinated so I could take my mask off! Just because those who are choosing to not get vaccinated are at risk? Kind of like saying I need to stop driving to work because I might get in an accident with an unlicensed driver 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. Wow do you live in an overturned bucket?😂 I’ve stated many times I live in rural Georgia! Work however is in an upscale city just south of Hartsfield. It’s known as a Delta town!
  10. Well that didn’t last long, tomorrow at work we go back to the mask mandate even for us vaccinated ☹️
  11. Don’t underestimate the potential injury issue either. I know if I jumped off a wall from 20’ in the air and stuck the landing I would be going to the hospital. If she’s not sticking her landings with all she is doing I’d be concerned also!
  12. I like how my coworker put it this morning “wearing a mask to prevent COVID is like putting a fish net over your head to prevent mosquito bites “
  13. You do realize the team event is the first event, right?
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