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  1. They need to mic’s on these refs!!
  2. While I agree with you. However don’t look now, seems like Malik is playing himself into that role!
  3. Used to work with a guy that served in the Coast Guard. He said if you think submarine quarters are small, you should serve on a cutter!
  4. Will TJD get another triple double?
  5. I grew up in the Region and the only team I could watch on a regular basis back then was DePaul. Knew very little about IU or Purdah until I got to college and we were in the Ft Wayne viewing area.
  6. I’ve watched those Russian dancers live, and all I could think about was how much my knees hurt!
  7. Seriously praying for you brother! However know this, if things go seriously wonky your mind will adapt! Like I said I have a seriously lazy eye. Had it all my life. If my mind didn’t choose to ignore my right eye, I would have had double vision my whole life. Which means my whole life has been in 2D. My brain manages 3D based on relativity so to speak. A brain learned ability. Hasn’t stopped me, I think in actuality during my career it helped me. Looking at CAD files on the computer screen, everyone else was seeing 2D. I was seeing 3D like my brain had taught me!
  8. I keep posting this isn’t a CAM team! Lose the loser mindset. Win or lose, enjoy the ride!
  9. When I was in it they could never validate software. So everything was manual!
  10. Ever make a mistake with your corrections and have to line through and re-initial date again? I think my record was 3 initial/dates
  11. Yeah I remember the medical device years. Pencil was an absolute no-no!
  12. Probably because he doesn’t like Coach Gard
  13. Just make sure you don’t go to Taco Bell first!
  14. Careful, the government will be coming for your charcoal grill next!!
  15. Game of Horse going on between Howard and Pinckett
  16. Probably during the build, someone just set it aside and forgot it. The vibration finally shook it off. Should have been at least one bolt fall off with it if had been attached.
  17. We should have the ref’s mic’ed every game! The fouls were even tonight!
  18. Watching the refs review game film at half time was enlightening!
  19. That’s too high tech, we’re are the knobs my dad made me turn?
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