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  1. What body part do you have to cut off to afford living in a place like that?
  2. You are like a content machine Thanks for doing what you do.
  3. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-offers-2023-guard-jeremy-fears-jr-who-left-very-impressed-with-program-after-visit/ Sounds like Woodson (and IU) really made an impression.
  4. That Matta decision might be looking even better this summer. https://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/waiver-granted-allow-basketball-instruction-non-coaching-staff-members-summer Looks like this was really aimed at grad assistants and I think we picked up a good one there too, but man, it is going to be really terrible when Dane, Rosemund, and Hunter are on the road and we are left with...Thad freaking Matta to help run practices with Coach Woodson.
  5. If he does, I wish him nothing but failure while there. Hate that program to begin with. Kryzewski is second only to John Wooden in the interference that has been run for him by sports media. Glad to see him go.
  6. Saw Oladipo might be out all next year. Man did he ever make a mistake not accepting the Pacers' and then Miami's offers. He is going to lose tens of millions of dollars.
  7. Indiana fans for 4 years: "We need size and shooting..." Archie Miller: "Meh" Mike Woodson in 2 months: "Done and done." All the moves that have been made this off season really lead me to believe that the former caretakers of the program did not have a clue what they were doing here. Seriously, Woodson was here for 2 months, took a look at the roster, recognized the same deficiencies that the fanbase has been complaining about for years and goes out and addresses the issues. In 2 months. Not 4 years. 2 months. Miller was awful. That being said, welcome to Durr.
  8. I have been married for 14 years myself. The social media stuff was around when I was dating my wife but it was not like it is today. I don't necessarily know the etiquette either, but if I got kicked off the team, I would want that I was leaving as quiet as possible. At least until I found a place to land. Honestly, I was just trying to provide an alternative to the idea he was not liked by his teammates.
  9. Maybe in person but not on social media. I guess in one case (Al) you are posting a celebration of their next challenge. So you can view that as a positive. "Good luck my guy, tear it up at Providence(?)" If it was true that Hunter was asked to leave, that is not like a celebratory thing. "Hey, congrats you got booted from the team..." To me that is a situation you don't put on social media. Think of it like the girlfriend. When you dump her and move on to someone else, that is something that your friends may be cool to congratulate you on. When she dumps you, that is not really a
  10. Maybe the difference between you breaking up with your S/O and them breaking up with you. In Al's case, I think he probably decided to move on. So your teammates reach out and say good luck at your next place. If Jerome was told to leave, that is a bit different. You don't offer congrats to someone who got dumped. Just another way to look at it other than saying his teammates were not fans.
  11. This is the perfect situation for Woodson IMO. For whatever reason, the freshmen we landed are not getting much fanfare. Duncomb more than held his own against Furst when they played, his ranking shows they are closer than many of the fans of your team would want to admit. I think, even with the loss of Franklin and Durham, that the talent we have coming in for next year is a big upgrade. The news has been slow around here lately...seems like the program is just quietly humming along right now. I really like this team on paper. We may not be a national title contender next year, but
  12. At this point, who cares. Boy wonder is not coming here and he was probably smart to turn down that offer because I don't think he would meet the expectations that salary would set. I don't know if anyone could.
  13. Yeah...but what happened there was all genuine on the players' side. I think that Woodson is going to do really well recruiting these guys. We have 3 really good set up assistants and then Woody comes in and deals the deal. There is a real possibility that we may be looking back in 6 or 7 years wondering why the heck we did not give this a chance sooner.
  14. I don't think he can succeed at the P5 level as a head coach with his approach/personality. He got his nickname for a reason. Add that to being a pretty heavy introvert who just wants to coach ball...the big time programs are not for him. I think he could be a high end assistant or a mid tier head coach like at Dayton. I don't think he has the type of personality that meshes well with a program that is high profile. I really don't need a thank you from him. No ill will, it did not work out. Good luck with the next job. Honestly any type of press release now is just too late to matt
  15. labeck...not seeing it. The guy asking that question's name is Lance Becker. Quit trying to steal clout.
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