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  1. Adding shooting is a must for this team to turn the corner. I also think we need a guard who can attack off the dribble. Baylor had several guys like that who could drive to the basket or shoot off the dribble. A guy like Xavier Johnson, would be a huge help. His 3 point % wasn't great, but he had several games where he caught fire and knocked down several 3's. He can hit shots and attack off the dribble. We really don't really have anyone like that on our roster. Maybe Parker can do that, maybe Franklin comes back and plays like he did pre-injury, maybe Lander plays with more confiden
  2. I really like Race, Franklin, Lander, Leal, Geronimo, and Galloway. I just don't think it is enough talent to compete in the Big 10. Really need to add another starting caliber transfer or two to put us closer to equal footing with the top of the conference, otherwise it will be another year in the lower half of the league. The problem is, it takes guys time to adjust to Archie's defense. So either he would have to abandon the pack line or shift the focus more towards offense, neither of which I think he will do. I think a lot of our group will likely stay depending on who we get.
  3. I think Lander would've benefited from a normal non conference schedule with more cupcake teams, assuming Archie would've played him enough minutes. He could've got some confidence carving up Northeast Tennessee State A&M Institute of Technology's defense and hopefully that would carry forward.
  4. We are actually ranked 2 spots above them on Kenpom. Not that metrics are everything (see Colgate's NET ranking), but Kenpom is generally a decent gauge of how good teams are. Our conference SOS is ranked 3 and UCLA's is 72. Big 10 was brutal this year again and the Pac 12 is probably the weakest power conference. Not much can be done about that though and Indiana has to be a competitive regardless of how tough the conference may be in a given year. It's going to be tough again next year and Archie or whoever is coaching has to finish better than 10th in the conference.
  5. I think he would be a good hire. He utilizes transfers about as good as any coach and there should be plenty to go after to fill out a roster for next season. If we can't get a top tier level guy like Beard, Musselman would be towards the top of my realistic candidate list.
  6. How many times have we seen this happen. If we don't get off to a slow start, we finish the half playing like crap!
  7. Nope. He's a good coach, but not 5.5 million dollars good.
  8. I've been trying to find a list from 2020-2021 season, but haven't been successful. I did find this list from March 2020 that has annual salary and buyout, but I don't know how accurate it is. I would imagine the buyout amounts are less, but some folks like Nate Oats have received raises since this was created. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/mens-basketball/coach/
  9. That is what I am afraid the Rutgers game will be for the 2nd time. 1st game, they had lost 5 in the row and had their get right game against us, winning 4 in row. Since then they have gone lost 3 of 4.
  10. I think it has to do with there is nowhere for him to go. The freshman aren't ready to play major minutes. Sure he could pull the upperclassmen every time they made a mistake, but it would compound the problem and may put the game out of reach. The problem is he hasn't been able to build a deep enough bench that can compete in the Big 10, despite injuries to rotation players or performance issues with rotation players. Him not not using all of his scholarships, failing to land multiple top 50 recruits or finding graduate transfers or even traditional transfers has hurt this team. He has st
  11. Fixes for this season Keep feeding the ball to TJD early especially if there is no double team. If our opponent doesn't have 2 traditional bigs on the court, feed the ball to Race and exploit this mismatch until the other team adjusts. Run more plays to get Al and Franklin open for catch and shoot 3 point shots Run some stuff to get Franklin attacking downhill. I would get him involved in the offense more often overall. Also, get Rob to attack the basket more often. He is capable, we have seen it every couple of games. Next season Find true point guard on the tra
  12. Hard to compete in the Big 10 when your starting upperclassmen guards play at a Missouri Valley level or worse. The inconsistency is killing us. This is on Archie. How did he not realize the limitations of these 2 and went out and found some transfers last offseason that could play right away? Rob is pretty solid on defense and anything else he brings is a bonus and Al is a spot up shooter only. They should be role players in the rotation, but not starters. Maybe he tried to find backcourt upgrades, but failed. That would still be on him also. I don't see how next year will be any
  13. This is what frustrates me. He takes Lander and Geronimo out as soon as they make a mistake, but Durham, a senior gets to play through his mistakes. Seems backwards.
  14. I think some of the issues are the set up. We don't have our best passer on the court to start the game. I would like to see the passes prior to TJD's missed shots in the video. I would guess a lot of the shots are off a pass where TJD has to make a few dribbles to get to his spot. I think having Lander in, could give TJD some easier looks at the basket early in the game. Lander isn't ready for 25-30 minutes a game, but I would rather him get the same minutes, but start and see what happens. Our defense may take a hit, but if we aren't scoring, that means we aren't able to set up our d
  15. If Ohio State doesn't drop off the rest of the season, Holtmann will have had them in the top 5 in 3 out of his 1st 4 seasons. He will be returning a lot next year and has some solid recruits lined up in the next 2 classes. He should have Ohio State set up to be a top 5 team in the conference for the next few years also.
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