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  1. Hunter wasnt a fit on or off the court for CMW
  2. I been an iu fan for 40 years and it pains me to see players of his caliber not be in candy stripes...imo he would have been a good addition...maybe im wrong....knowing that he is at PU bothers me...Painter has done well in the State lately
  3. Wow....i hope this isn't a piss poor decision on IU'S part...Purdue is cleaning the state up of quality players...i dont care how good iu gets it is going to be tough playing at PU for years to come with all the State kids going there.
  4. Didn't IU just offer a Guard in the 22 class? Wonder what Smith thinks about that....i would be a little concerned with that offer if im Smith.
  5. Bloomington/Bedford is the Limestone capital of the world...Campus is full of it.
  6. Thought on who??....Ive heard Hunter 🤷‍♂️
  7. Yes...Knight and Red Aurbach set it up
  8. There use to be a place in Bedford called Pleaser...i swear the double cheeseburger was the best i ever had..they always put it in a plastic bag and the heat from the burger would melt the cheese and steam the bun...great way to end the night after watching Damon torch the nets for 35..🤣
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