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  1. 7 hours ago, 5fouls said:

    If there is not an announcement on Friday or Saturday, does that curb anyone's enthusiasm that it might be Stevens.  

    I am staying absolutely even keel on this one.  So, I do not have enthusiasm for Brad, but for a new beginning.  If that is with Brad, then all the better.  If not, I do not want the feeling of wanting to jump off a bridge because I allowed myself to believe.  All I know either way, it is a new day, a new coach, and my interest will be high again, because it was at an all time low this past season.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Artesian_86 said:

    Ask my brother-in-law if he’s happy they won. He is so anti-Miller, I can’t stand being around him during IU games. 

    Every Sunday after church, everyone has lunch at my wife’s parents and we all sit and watch Colts or IU games. 
    He told me right after we beat Iowa the first time, he wished we lost. He said the more they win the more likely they will keep Archie. Duhhhh!  IMO, it’s a very ignorant attitude. 
    I told my wife, “I’m going home after church and watch the game. I don’t want to hear him trashing the team and Archie!” 

    I'd definitely 🤜>>>>face.

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  3. 20 minutes ago, NY hoosier said:

    Do you think schools like UNC/ Duke worry that IU will return to top tier status. Or are we just an afterthought 



    Afterthought, but they know with the talent in this state, we will always be a sleeping giant t, that if awoken, will hurt their recruiting and their W-L records.

  4. 2 hours ago, IU Scott said:

    I will only watch ESPN for college basketball and football games.  The other stuff they have on is just garbage and not worth anyone time to watch.

    I always thought Lebatard was a tool, but he and Stugotz are extremely funny.  The show has a definite Latino/Miami vibe, but being Mexican, I absolutely love it.  It is anything but the typical cookie cutter ESPN show.

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