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  1. This post seems to be missing something......
  2. Got my Master's in leadership at FGCU. Go Eagles!!
  3. What is the cut off date transfers have to put their name in the portal?
  4. Watching that game made me miserable. And sad.
  5. Not trying to be a a$$ here at all, but if you watch a lot of college basketball, you would see runs like that all the time from teams much better than us. That situation you described is certainly not reserved for our beloved Hoosiers.
  6. There was a player on the floor that was laughing after the shot clock violation at the end of the game. He had INDIANA across his chest. ­čś¬­čś¬
  7. I told my wife that game goes to OT this morning.
  8. Figured I would start a thread for a 1 stop shop for viewing any cool vids/pictures of the return of THE GENERAL! I know I plan on spending´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ the remainder of the weekend soaking all this in. So, if you come across anything of note please post it here for all to´╗┐ see. Thanks fans´╗┐. Oh....and most important.......BEAT PURDUE!!!!
  9. Well, I am...but there are a few locals. Especially in the Summer.
  10. Me too as I now live in Fort Myers. They WERE pretty difficult to deal with during the Urban years that is for sure.
  11. Never met an OSU fan I guess. The worst of the worst.
  12. It won't. And I am about as positive as it gets. Sigh. We know basketball. And this is just obviously bad basketball.
  13. Most of the people I talk IU basketball about....well they are now the people I USED to talk IU basketball about. Hell, my dad NEVER even mentions them to me anymore. Apathy is real, and it is a BIG DEAL. So many die hard fans have died hard or are in the process of dying...well their fandom at least. I cant blame them.
  14. Left Fort Myers yesterday.....getting ready for some SERIOUS pre game food and festivities. GO HOOSIERS!!!
  15. Right??? That was AMAZING!!!! 2 tears in a........
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