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  1. He 100% should have not let TJD come up. The epitome of being selfish.
  2. COME on....it was never about him being the ala I REALLY WANTED KBJ.....and him picking Kentucky huft...but I am NOT kidding. I am now glad he is not a HOOSIER. Him and CAL are perfect fit.
  3. I hope he bags my groceries. A noble profession.
  4. I would NEVER let my friend do that. Ever. That is SELFISH beyond reason. He will fit in perfectly at UK with the $$$ and the me. So glad we have TJD. What a stellar young man.
  5. NEVER! If my best friend growing up let me do that..... PUNCH FACE!!!
  6. Wait...... What...... He is a WHAT????? Ok.....proceed with caution and maybe a helmet. Signed......a Fitz fan.
  7. Could you PLEASE stop with your perspective stuff!!!! We need to melt down in peace around here!! Turn up sarcasm meter please.
  8. 100%. Since all the rape allegations and Izzo's response last year.....I would root for Purdue over MSU.
  9. Is it just me, or is KBJ's name not on that list???
  10. Thanks again to the best MOD team on the interwebs......we really appreciate your efforts from Scout til now......MANY THANKS!!
  11. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT......then post here PLEASE!!!
  12. You really think So is leaving? Completely disagree. I think he will help Smith pack his bags though.
  13. Y'all gettin head of yo self. But it really is fun to imagine what could be.....That is what we do this for amiright?
  14. Guy killed us in the Ryder Cup. Fierce competor. Just what this team needs.
  15. A roster of complete garbage? Come on....that much was obvious.
  16. Those 2 statements seem to contradict each other.....
  17. Have the same hanging in my classroom. It may meet the scissors on Monday.
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