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  1. Mike Davis was coaching INDIANA UNIVERSITY! Unfortunately Archie Miller is coaching a team in the Midwest.
  2. Just so you know....my sad face emoji are tears of joy!
  3. Already really bad. Not this season....this program. It is bad.....there is just no other way to look at it.
  4. The Indiana you and I grew up with does not exist.
  5. Brian Cardinal was this guy for me as an opponent. Fife was our best in my recollection. Bobby's teams did not seem to need them or I just do not remember them as much.
  6. Love it, but without Rob.....I see 3/4 losses in the next 5. And this season teetering toward a real disappointment. Kid needs to play....but only if he is healthy.
  7. You do not have to be at practice and know anything about the players to understand how to strategically use a timeout man. Apples and comets here. Archie used that timeout wrong. I think most would agree.
  8. Somewhat disagree.....Vic had a SERIOUS DESIRE to improve himself. He had intrinsic motivation out the ying yang......I would bet he leads every player in time logged post practice in Cook.
  9. Disagree. I doubt they hit all those PRAYERS again. And our defense will travel. I bet if we played in the tournament we win. And on that note....this team is figuring out how to win....this is a HUGE development. 2 points 2 points 1 point
  10. Bad question. You just know it when you see it. If you know you know. It comes with experience.
  11. You are not alone.....I almost turned the game off....and broke my phone.
  12. If he plays well....he could be. He just shows on his face....no confidence. That usually does not change 3 days.
  13. I hit reply on a message in the pregame thread about 100 times.....no luck. Close out finally.....locked. No wonder it was not working. DG wins this for us tonight.... 15 points 4 boards 3 assists 1 TO 2 steals. Hoosiers 71 PSU 67
  15. Goot god guys....take it to Facebook or something please!
  16. See that coffee? Well you just made me spit out mine!!!
  17. That is one HELL of a handle/post. And I agree with it.
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