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  1. Hope Beilein stays. I want the BIG strong. Helps our seeding.
  2. Is that live stream vid & audio, or just audio?
  3. As a 5th grade teacher. That makes me very happy. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Nope. Popcorn or hot dog? I say both coach! You deserve it.
  5. Been BUSY this weekend. Where did you watch this. Would love to see Senior Night speeches. Thanks.
  6. Oh.... please do not think my vote meant Vandy was the better choice...contraire mon frère......no.....it just seems like this recruitment is another in the long list of 5* talent to say thanks...but no thanks to our beloved Hoosiers. Like some around here have expressed.....I want the Indiana kid to say....I AM A HOOSIER...and I ride with MY HOOSIERS....
  7. Vandy. I just do not want to get my hopes up.
  8. That makes a lot of sense. I also think until we land another BIG FISH, this fan base will protect its fragile psyche.
  9. Oh....I understand that. I mean it was the athletic department that suppressed all this crap....not to mention who is left in charge right now.
  10. I just do not think it will happen....unless recruits bail, and it looks like they will become a shell of a program with him at the helm. I imagine serious negative recruing will occur. Wonder if this has any effect on Brooks?
  11. HATE! I am up at 5:30 daily (work morning program at my school...teach 5th grade). I never make it up till the end of any game that starts at 8 or later. 25 energy vampires see to that.
  12. That is a big number. I lived in Vegas for a spot....only bet I placed on the Hoosiers was 2001 tourney Duke game....money line +450. Best night ever!
  13. Man this is horrible. How many of you have just been LOVING Archie over the last few months. Man....some of you are 100% freaking crazy. Don't do exactlywhat I want. I hate you. Get some good recruits.....I love you. Makes me sad for you.
  14. I feel like it is going to be an adjustment for us as a fan base to see our offense look and feel as "less" while our defense improves. Archie's offense will NEVER look like CTC'S....but neither will his defense. I also believe it will be harder for the layman to recognize the improvement in the defense vs the regression of the offense. Now the offense will catch up....but as the people in this thread have said....it may not look great now. The value of the ball...and hopefully the better shot selection and movement will eventually rear its pretty head.
  15. That was Sean Kemp for me. In my life I have never and never will again see what that kid did in high school games. It was ASTOUNDING!
  16. Thanks for this thread. Enjoyed it. So excited to see how this team plays.
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