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  1. Have to think the beat down at Vandy today made the atmosphere a little....or a lot less electric.
  2. It is whoever is running/moderating the site. No idea who.
  3. They are ZAPPING entire threads with even a wiff about this place. They zapped the Robert Phinisee commits thread for merely a 2nd hand mention. look at what happened to Scout when the original HSN broke away.
  4. After the million post march I was upset at not landing Billy.....but as I look back now.....if that saga never took place I would have been extremely happy with Archie....and now I am. I just hope we have patience with this man because he seems special.
  5. Is there any info on Hurt being able to reclassify? Seems he likes us. He Is the type of player I would love to nab.
  6. Love the in state pick up. They zapped the Robert Phinisee thread over there because there was mention of this place. I officially deleted my bookmark over there and replaced it with my new IU home here.
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