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  1. There bad defense was a product of the system last year. All you had to do was look at their defensive numbers from the year before. I think they’re better than a lot of people are giving them credit for.
  2. Pacers have the deepest team in the East. The just don't have the star. They'll be better than people think. LeVert and Warren being healthy at the start of the year is what's going to be huge for this team that didn't happen last season.
  3. Yeah that was discussed but I think they found out their isn't any good trade options out there for Brogdon or Turner. J Michael has eve said as of right now it's unlikely the Pacers make any big moves.
  4. They won't trade either one. The only move left will be minor stuff like trading Lamb and maybe acquiring a 3rd PG.
  5. Somebody at 247 moved the interest level meter to warm when it probably shouldn’t have been moved. IU has some interest but don’t know if they’ll offer.
  6. The point was that somebody at 247 jumped the gun. Weaver lauded to this as well.
  7. IU has talked to him but it doesn’t sound like he’s a priority for IU and they think he’s to small to play as a rusher.
  8. Its very possible but Reds ownership as cheap as they may be at times doesn’t like to trade or lose popular players in there prime. That’s a common known fact since this ownership group took over. The only player really that they haven’t resigned was Bauer who got crazy money and that looks like a blessing now.
  9. There’s going to be a new collective bargaining agreement this off-season. The universal DH, the 3 batter pitcher rule, getting rid of the shift, and a few other things are expected to be things that’ll get worked out then and used as bargaining chips for the two sides.
  10. The reality is the Reds will have some position depth within a week which also provides more quality pinch hit options late in games. The DH will be in the NL next year.
  11. Short sighted point of view but whatever floats your boat. Moose and Senzel with both play and a added benefits to the current roster over a guy like Freeman. Moose is playing 3rd and some second and Senzel is going to be a super utility guy when he gets back.
  12. Castellanos is tricky. He has a 4 year deal but and opt out which he’ll probably do since he’s having a great year. The Reds would have to give him a new deal. In the minors Jose Berrero a SS who is MLB ready now. The pitchers Hunter Green and Nick Lodolo who are both very close to MLB ready. All 3 are top 100 prospects.
  13. That was my point. They didn’t give up any meaningful prospects. Some fans think they should’ve acquired a closer or a bat at the deadline but I disagree.
  14. Unpopular opinion but the Reds made the right decision to not give up any top 20 prospects at the deadline for upgrades. They have Senzel, Moose, and Castellanos coming back soon. Sims coming back to help the bullpen by sometime in the next week. Anyone should be back in about 3 weeks. They weren’t going to have enough roster spots for everyone and none of the guys currently have options to AAA. A Bullpen of Sims, Lorenzen, Givens, Cessa, Hembree, Garrett, Hoffman, Wilson, and Brach/Doolittle depending on who gets DFA’d when Sims gets back and the other goes when Antone comes back is much improved compare to what the Reds have had most of the season.
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