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  1. That makes more sense but you´re wasting your time. He´ll continue to get brought up for at least the next year. It´s just a reality.
  2. The class of 2022 should be dead? I don´t follow your logic.
  3. That might be jumping the gun on Durr. He´s an option but I think other options will be explored too.
  4. Think there´s more with Hunter. Didn´t sound like Woody was a fan of his off court stuff.
  5. Yeah Crean has never handled players well when they committed to other schools. I know of another player he had a colorful phone call with after they chose another school.
  6. The Pacers are turning into a dumpster fire.
  7. IU could afford him. He just didn´t want the job. He´d have to be fired for the Pacers to hire him which I don´t think is going to happen.
  8. Joey has been looking at other jobs. That is a fact. Will he move on this year or next? I can find out tomorrow if he’s actually chasing any of the current open coaching jobs in the state.
  9. Players are allowed to give up scholarships and become a walk-on. The just can't jump to an academic scholarship. Doug McDermott did it his senior year.
  10. Yes, he hired him as a recruiting coordinator. The guy does have a lot of connections so not the worst thing imo for a new head coach to find ways to get his foot in the door for some recruits. .
  11. Shrewsberry was one of the other finalists I believe back when Lavall got hired.
  12. Seriously? The guy is getting interest from NBA teams. That should answer your question. Not to mention most NAIA teams play with 6'7 to 6'9 post players.
  13. So do I but I've heard that Collier is going to be patient with him. He's got some talent and versatility this year so I think it could be very telling about his future as their head coach especially if they miss the tournament again.
  14. If they can stay healthy they should be much improved next year. Lavall also just hired a pretty good assistant to fill the void that was left when Jeff Meyer retired.
  15. Butler had 2 freshman guards last year that were a couple of bright spots. They also brought in a 2021 combo guard too. They should've gone after smith imo but that might be part of why they didn't. Butler also hasn't been connected to many 2022 kids but have been going after transfers that were freshman or sophomores this past year. They also have 16 guys on scholarship right now and still have an open one which wouldn't have affected Smith but it's still a crazy thing to think about.
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