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  1. Keep your eyes peeled for me. I may make an appearance even though no one knows what I look like 😂. Stay tuned.
  2. Public intox/underage drinking for me at IU and I was in the drunk tank for 14 hours.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted anywhere but, a friend of mine renewed his season tickets and IU told him Assembly Hall will be at full capacity.
  4. I think he could be our second 2022 commit.
  5. The old staff was. Archie liked him, but didn't offer at the time. He would have though. Flip didn't really blow up until recently.
  6. I was informed a while back that it would be Lander or Hunter. I can't say that I am glad it is Hunter, because he is a great kid and had a ton of potential (unfortunate freak injury), but I guess he will be the one moving on. Good luck to him and I hope he can land somewhere where he can showcase his abilities. Who we add next I have no idea. Based on whats been posted already, it looks like a big man.
  7. Also....I want to expand upon the "Crean burned bridges with high school and AAU coaches". You can bring up Indiana kids that Crean missed on and that is fair, however, Crean wasn't going to wash these kids feet like they were the next coming of Christ like their coaches thought. So yeah I am sure some 'conversations' were had with 'reporters' stating that they didn't like Crean blah blah. That may be accurate, but there's a reason for that. Overall, Crean was highly liked around the state. Coaches begged him to come see their players. Without naming names, these players went to MSU,
  8. Kent Sterling also said Brad Stevens was house hunting in Bloomington.
  9. There is so much wrong with this I don't know where to start. Most of Crean's players LOVE the guy. They still stay in touch, often. The AAU coaches hating Crean is so overblown, and frankly not at all accurate. Patterson did himself dirty, fact. Sheehey did not despise him, fact. Will and I hung out with some of the same people and we interacted often. Fischer didn't fit with the roster so he went elsewhere, and Vonleh only looked out for himself, not sure what Crean could have done there. Just because you have something against Crean doesn't mean you have to bring up internet rumors to
  10. Haha I agree. That’s why in my next post I said they should stone him like they do in Iran. People like him don’t deserve another breath.
  11. Technically yes. But I’d be more content w/ Jalen Washington, Flip, Duncomb, Race, Geronimo, and Kopp as our 4 and 5’s. I don’t really know if we need a ‘Traditional 5’ in Woodys system. Just my opinion. This is also contingent on if players (Race and Kopp) stick around for more years. That being said, if Woody and Crew offer him there must be a good reason.
  12. Give me someone like Flip over him. I personally think his 5* ranking is more on potential. Don’t get me wrong, he’s solid and may eventually turn into a beast, but I like a guy like Flip who will be more polished stepping foot on campus Day 1.
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