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  1. I got Pfizer, my experience was identical to yours. My shoulder hurt at a higher level than anticipated, for about 24 hours. But beyond that, nothing.
  2. Wonder if there is any truth to the USC rumblings.
  3. Nobody is having their sensibilities insulted. Thus is an Indiana Hoosiers/University fan message board. I am trying to keep that clear, with as much wiggle room as I can have in this topic. We are HSN first and foremost. I do not want views outside of Iu/sports to impact our family dynamics as IU fans.
  4. Guys, Be careful. We (mods) are being flexible as possible in this thread. There is no clear answer on what is political, and what isn't here. But it is kinda like porn. You know it when you see it. And a few times we are going beyond SI swimsuit issue to front cover of a Larry Flint publication.
  5. I love going back and revisiting our thoughts from time to time. This one made me chuckle. It is such a brutal guessing game for fans.
  6. You are speaking the spirit of our founder, Colonialcrester!
  7. Can not underestimate the Turks here.
  8. Protesting is tricky in tea sports. No way a group of 10 plus people all have the same views on complex issues. Once you start getting political in a team sport, you are almost guaranteed to cause some divisiveness and harsh feelings. Whether they are verbalized or not.
  9. As opposed to the time change for the CANADIAN team?
  10. I swear, Ed Reed aged 20 years the day he retired....
  11. Dang. I only WISH I had the free time their admin must have to monitor that ridiculously nonsense. Lol
  12. Getting older through the draft. Now that has to be a new approach.
  13. Would have loved to have him. But that door closed a while ago.
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