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  1. Love it. We have a grown ass man running this thing. 👏
  2. Well, finally something to get the board alive again. Lol Good luck to Jerome. I am thinking this was more of not fitting the culture shift as much as talent/ability.
  3. I think, and have heard, that Archie is actually funny and engaging away from the court. Very personable. Devonte even alluded to it in that podcast. He said him and Archie got along great off the court, and he liked him alot. The friction was simply about the game and style of play. Crean seems like a really good person, just socially awkward.
  4. Hey, welcome to HSN. And yeah, if we have the problem of players leaving for the NBA, we are probably in a decent spot
  5. The All "What If" Team.... @5fouls wife #2, #4 and #6
  6. I think you are taking the word "hate" a bit too literally. We are speaking from a sports perspective, not wanting bad things to happen to anybody. You may be overthinking this one.
  7. Yes! Lesson 1 was........ "How to properly us the word "tarnation" while moderating"
  8. I saw the title of the thread and feared Scott was dropping the mobile number for all the new payers. Whew, that would have been a moderating nightmare!
  9. Guys, really. This is a great topic for the NBA thread, or a new thread
  10. Is it Marshall or Marshal? This guys name is too high maintenance, and he does yoga. He has to go!
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