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  1. People go there to watch Purdue play basketball, which by definition make all the seats bad ... 😁 I've actually been to a game at Mackey. It was 1988 or 1989, I don't remember. An IU-Purdue game. It's a nice place, and it is very loud. I don't remember who won but it was a blast. I'm also guessing I was drunk as hell, but I don't even remember that. Oy vey. *edit* It was '88. Purdue won 95-85 and were ranked #2 in the country at that time. Purdue ranked #2 in the country, no wonder I was drinking...
  2. Jeez dude... do you even sleep at night? Lol. 😃
  3. IU would have hired Gene Keady and we would all be living in Bizarro Jerry world. 🙃
  4. I'd never heard the Bob Gibson to IU basketball story. I had no idea. The guy was an awesome an athlete.
  5. Larry Bird. Eric Montross. He and Damon Bailey would have come to IU in the same class. Just think of the 92-93 Hoosiers with Montross on that team. That would have been truly sick, in a good way.
  6. Somehow this comment flew under the radar but I think it requires some discussion. Lol.
  7. Bird and Bob Knight were not a good combination. Larry Bird was his own coach. But I have no doubt that Bird would have been a great teammate at IU. Que Será, Será.
  8. Bird would not have become the player he was if he had stayed at IU, he needed a bit of time to sort things out, and ISU was the right place at the right time. He used his time at ISU to grow his game, and confidence, in ways that no coach (including Knight) could have. I hate to say that because he and Mike Woodson would have won an NCAA championship together at IU, and Seeking6 would be Seeking7. Maybe 8.
  9. #5 - I rarely look at myself in a mirror, I certainly never look at the back of my head. Someone could have told me I'm going bald.
  10. I grew up a stone's throw away from Larry Bird as the crow flies, but I never felt a connection to him as a player. It's kind of weird how I feel about Bird, I respect the heck out of the guy, but I grew up a diehard IU fan and Pacer fan and always saw Bird as the enemy. I don't 'hate', but the closest I have ever come to hating an NBA team was the Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer Detroit Pistons. Isiah turned to the dark side. My beloved Isiah. Love, hate, respect, it's a fine line.
  11. It was the time. A different time. In Boston. People wanted him to be a symbol that Bird never wanted to be. And I have always been a Pacers fan.
  12. I hated the Celtics back then. I didn't hate Bird, but I was really tired of him by the mid-eighties. But I've always admired The Chief. He flew over the cuckoo's nest.
  13. Robert Parish was the man, 21 seasons in the pros. I loved the guy. Great player.
  14. I wasn't thrilled with the hire at first, but now I'm really loving Coach Woodson. I'm on board. If nothing else, I think Woodson will make IU basketball fun again. I miss that.
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