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  1. Video was deleted for some reason here is a newer one
  2. He would have been paid more than all but one NBA coach and been the highest paid men’s college basketball coach. that’s shocking he turned that down
  3. Well this is a Woj Bomb https://twitter.com/IanSteeleABC6/status/1383580651903881217
  4. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2021/04/search-for-new-iu-president-final-stages IU announced the search for a new president is in its final stages, according to a press release. The IU Board of Trustees authorized four trustees to begin negotiations for a contract with a final candidate. The candidate has not yet been named. The Board of Trustees said it anticipates announcing the new president this month, who will take over for outgoing President Michael McRobbie on July 1. The board has been searching for a replacement for President McRobbie since he announced his retirement in August 2020.
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