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  1. Haha I had the same thought. It probably dates us both. By the way, he was on one of my wife and my favorite shows of recent vintage, The Americans. Fascinating show. Thomas was in a supporting role.
  2. Weird quirk in the article. IU is not Allen’s alma mater, although Indiana is obviously his home state. Journalism isn’t what it was when Rico and I would see Walter Cronkite when we were kids.
  3. The funny thing, I must have played him right after his career ended. I believe it must have been very early in the 90s. I came down and hit one on him, then came down and hit another just to prove the first one wasn’t a fluke lol. He just didn’t pressure me at all if I’m being honest. The other thing that sticks out about that day. Sichting was considered a “small, slow white guy” by NBA fans. I’m here to tell you there are NBA athletes and regular humans. He was a very, very good athlete compared to regular people. He was strong, fit, athletic, and could jump. His athleticis
  4. You beat me. I was about to post what a big, big, big time program that is. Getting in there is a major plus.
  5. Is it possible to change my handle? I didn’t see a way to do it. I used to be Abe Froman and I mention that in my signature and people don’t seem confused. Thanks in advance.
  6. Recker was a kid I totally overestimated. He never reached his potential because he wasn’t willing to be coached hard. He left a lot of meat on the bones for his career. 6’6 with a good skill set. He was happy to play at a certain plateau. Good villain because he was billed as an IU type of player and he was anything but that. Bobby Knight I don’t know that the quote could be any more appropriate than it was for Recker.
  7. Lol. At least Edey does have post skills. I think the surprising guy in a negative sense at Purdue will be Furst. Love Kaufman’s game but not Furst at all. Even before he committed, I was hoping he didn’t go to IU. He’d be fine if this were 1993 to try to be a less athletic Nover but he’s a very limited guy. Undersized, not quick, limited skills. With his lack of length, he’s not going to just score in the post like he is playing playing Tipton, Columbia City, or Peru. He’s not a particularly tough kid. Wowing people at the high school level does not necessarily translate here. W
  8. That’s partially why the Hunter departure made sense. I didn’t want Jordan’s minutes sucked up by Jerome. Jordan is a tough, competitive kid with the full arsenal. He just lacked fine tuning. With good coaching hopefully he gets substantial minutes and takes a step forward.
  9. Exactly. He was overmatched. It’s like when I played on court one at the HPER. Game was probably too fast for me. Lol. I guarded your guy Jerry Sichting up there once. He didn’t try very hard lol but I did score on him.
  10. Bless Andy’s heart. Super nice guy and he’s good on TV. But analytical skills have never been his thing. He thought Moser was the top available candidate for IU. He’s not the guy to look to for serious discussion. But, he’s a really nice guy.
  11. I didn’t want to say it out loud to avoid tackiness but I 100% expected this when it was obvious we were going into the portal. Best wishes to Jerome but this was the obvious decision.
  12. I wish I could have seen Rayl play. I wish they had good video from that era.
  13. Those were some dark days. I didn’t like what was going on. I don’t think either one of us could envision where we are today, my friend. But I will say it again, I’ve always given Kevin Wilson credit. He may have rubbed some people the wrong way, but he saw the mentality you’re speaking of, and took it head on. He changed attitudes. Tom Allen is on an entirely different level. No doubt. He’s the total package, X’s and O’s, scheme, big picture vision, identifying personnel types, culture, motivating, recruiting, working, etc. But Wilson brought him here and Allen was willin
  14. He’s getting to the point that nothing is out of the question.
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