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  1. Sorry I offended you. I’m being sincere. I never said this is a one sided phenomenon nor have I condoned it on either side. This isn’t a political thread so I’ll just leave it at that.
  2. I’m rooting for the Gold like I was every single one of the ones I agree or don’t agree with in their social messages. I just don’t root for using the very privileged this country is providing for them to represent us as a nation to further divide and take shots at us. In the end I hope all our Americans win and in that moment see how proud all of us as Americans are of them and unifying behind them and maybe they will realize this country isn’t as bad as they think.
  3. Honestly surprised Charlotte didn’t re-sign him to mentor their young replacement bigs.
  4. Totally! My brother had brain cancer and it was basically a miracle it was discovered and operated on when they did as the neurologist that discovered it had filled a position that had been vacant for almost a year and had only started 2 days before my brother went in because he passed out and fell. A couple years after his surgery now and lots of physicsal therapy he is almost as good as new. Praise God! We don’t know what will happen of course and how God plans to work through any of the things that happen in life but if we trust in him he can use this in some way for good…whether in a miracle of healing or to touch someone’s life. We pray for his healing and God to get the glory! Amen! 🙏
  5. I haven’t seen the men’s team saying or doing much signaling. Honestly I haven’t had a problem other than they simply just weren’t playing well and were kinda going after Pops offense. I know the level of competition has gotten much better but they have no excuse for some of the showings they had.
  6. Oh geez. They stepped up and didn’t want to go out with a dud I give them credit…but this was curtains for them and it was proof in the whole of their olympics. I mean Kobe went out with 81…but let’s not act like he still had it night in and out. Special players can put up special performances…just like the women’s captains but what does it matter if it happens every 5th or 6th match and they are already eliminated.
  7. I do think they will be better but I don’t feel like Brogdon has the foot speed to guard on the perimeter, Sabonis can’t guard a door, and I’m not optimistic in Warren coming back and locking down.
  8. For sure. Doubt they are going to give up on a top 20 first rd pick so soon though. But I agree…plenty of things bother me about the Pacers business. I will say strangely the Pacer fans I’ve interacted with aren’t much college fans and even less Hoosier fans…but maybe they could have made a few more. Probably a big difference between Vic and Cody’s value to the team. One was on the verge of being a star and the other has had just a solid career.
  9. I see the Pacers as a team that will accumulate a good regular season record because they will beat who they should being well coached and won’t have any stars to rest so will win their share against the top half too. I just don’t see anyone barring a good playoff matchup that can carry us by a really good healthy playoff team.
  10. Agreed. Think of the Pacers=Colts right now. One qb(star) away from being a contender. Right now we have a team of nice pieces…nice car with stock engine…we need an upgrade under the hood and we might have something special. I’m not a car guy but I’d say the difference between Mustang Gt and a Mustang Shelby….we need a special piece to get us to that elite level.
  11. No lol…they will be like the Knicks last year. Probably a 4 seed at best…healthy etc…I’d say probably 6 seed. This just my prediction.
  12. If healthy they will be better than 500 in the regular season. They won’t win a playoff series though. They are deep but their defense isn’t very good and they aren’t a great 3pt team. They dont have a guy that can take over either. I suspect they will win a couple games and bow out. Good news they will get a pick in the early 20s and can continue to be mediocre!
  13. Pacers have no room for him. They have a pretty full front court that they can’t get rid of as it is. He is a still at minimum…smart and been around the league.
  14. That was just word around organization. Seems Brogdon has been a malcontent and they prefer to move him.
  15. Cody Zeller to Portland for vet minimum.
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