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  1. Where there is smoke their is usually fire. We’ve had too much contact lately with different guys to not have an idea someone is likely to enter the portal.
  2. I know there is a reason I don’t visit these social threads too often...just talking about this stuff gets my blood pressure all up with things going on in this country. I can only post so much until I would violate rules so I’ll see myself out. Just hope everyone is safe and can get to work until this is over. Also hope this is a wake up call...we’ve had too many lately to ignore the errors around us and hope we galvanize as a nation to fix these issues or at least have open and honest discussion about how to move the country forward instead of people thinking they have the only answers and a
  3. Yeah I don’t want to get into the political weeds this doesn’t have to be that argument...simply there are tons of other consequences from mining the minerals and resources that go into it and while the carbon footprint might be reduced there are other problems created. It’s why we don’t need to demonize anyone that says it’s a process that needs to be slowly and methodically worked out otherwise you trade one crisis for another. I mean look at the consequences of offshoring all our production for the “global” good/economy...starts out with t-shirts and shoes and before you know it’s even the
  4. Yes waiving many of the fuel requirements can help eliminate some stress but it will take time to get that fuel into the market because the pipelines are a big part of getting the fuel delivered. I think what you are seeing is over reliance, lack of security, and lack of redundancy in the system. Probably can be said that shutting down pipelines may not be the best solution until we have safely moved on from what we currently have.
  5. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-what-a-future-cyberwar-will-look-like-1.7441901 we are already in ww3...it just isn’t being carried out with conventional weapons. Many of the people instigating the warfare aren’t even part of a govt entity persay...but let’s be real there is a wink wink and they don’t have to be told who to target. I know I heard it somewhere but don’t have time to find it...ww3 will be fought with 1 and 0s. None of our infrastructure is safe. Might very well be the electrical grid next time.
  6. In sw Florida we get gas from ships....yet guess what. We are about to be out too because of all the people panicking and making a mountain out of a molehill. People filling up like there is a hurricane...same reason we had no toilet paper for a month. Never underestimate the stupidity of man.
  7. Sure...never let a crisis go to waste...it's no coincidence for sure....there is a change a coming...and if we have to hurry it a long well so be it doesn't matter who it hurts in the mean time as long as our goal is achieved in the end.
  8. I don't want to get political but we were in pretty darn good shape as far as energy independence just a few years back. I don't get this love for battery cars either. Electricity isn't free and people think power plants aren't creating as bad a carbon footprint as a gas car? The mining the precious minerals etc to make a lithium battery has it's own harmful effects (albeit in poor third world countries). Then you have the disposal of old batteries that are harmful...I'm all for clean energy but let's not act like electric is all upside. Besides...what do you do in California and other ar
  9. Fixed that for you. Yeah...I'm going to sit back now...you are about to catch a whole bunch of crap now....have a good night my friend!
  10. That statement is idiotic. This is big boy athletics. You don't treat all your players the same...and while you should never treat people poorly I don't get why you would think a kid doesn't know where he stands when he joins a team. If you are a top 50 kid you know your role...and if you are a 3 star kid that will have to work to get minutes you know that role too. You OBVIOUSLY know if you are a walk on you are COMPLETELY dispensable. Kids can come in and compete and some will exceed expectations and some won't but to act like you don't know where you stand with a coach and have any expectat
  11. How is Luke Recker not a villian for Iowa?? Nobody remember the pain of him leaving us and then killing our best chance at a B1G Tournament Championship??
  12. In Purdue fan's defense...this is the closest to winning a final four as they will ever get (final 4 of B1G arena's)...so you can forgive how excited they would be.
  13. My wife's cousin from Southern Illinois was a regional manager for a large national bank that got transferred to Lafayette several years back. His wife almost immediately complained and he ended up taking a wealth management position down in Mobile, AL....think they live in Spanish Fort....she wasn't having any of Lafayette lol. I'm pretty sure he is doing just fine financially but I know he had to change his whole career path to get them out of there lol. Now...in full disclosure I've met him and his wife several times....she fits the martini by the pool wife to a T. Pretty wife, doesn't work
  14. Stewart-37% 3p% 78% ft Johnson-34% 3p% 76% ft Kopp- 35% 3p% 85% ft Duncomb- 60% fg% 66% ft (Center) Bates- 58% fg% 44% 3p% 88% ft We shot 33% from 3 last year and 67% from the line. Granted we are losing our two best shooters but the group we have brought in are more than respectable...and they all bring a dimension we haven't had. Add in they are mostly veterans or top 100 talent I think things will be vastly different next year.
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