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  1. Funny they did pic in pic and I swear I saw Kopp get beat for a layup…every team in the B1G knows to attack him….smh
  2. So do we think Payton can fix Wilson??
  3. I read it. Says exact same thing I did. I understand science. I understand the drop in psi due to temp…we’ve all seen it with our car tires etc. We have the text messages from the equipment managers admitting to all this stuff. We don’t have evidence from Brady because he destroyed his phone…so convenient. This isn’t a Colts thing either because they were tipped off by another team this was happening they just had the balls to call them out. Look you see it one way and I see the same evidence and come to a different conclusion. We aren’t going to agree and that’s ok. The penalty was about the cover up…heck if they just admitted to what they were doing it wouldn’t have been a big deal. I’ve seen equipment guys warm up balls next to a heater in the game and get in trouble. They have a track record and I’m sorry if they wouldn’t have started the cheating video taping and all that to begin with…maybe they might get a little benefit of the doubt from me…but a tiger doesn’t change their stripes. Sorry I said you can have the last say…I promise I won’t respond on this subject lol.
  4. The fact that none of the Colts qbs got asked really offends me….lol
  5. Everyone knows that there are science behind the balls psi dropping. That isn’t news or the point. The point was they were doctoring the balls after they went to the officials. There is no disputing that. They had video evidence of equipment manager taking it into the bathroom…Brady had numerous messages pissed off at the equipment managers for having the balls overinflated…he trashed his cell phone to cover it up…man the equipment managers nickname in text messages was the deflator…this is before it all came out..geez..to old to argue but it was never about how much the balls were deflated by or even how much an advantage it was…fact was they were again skirting around the rules and then went into a massive cover up. The suspension was about the cover up and lies…I could care less if they were slightly under inflated. They were messing with the balls after they were checked by the officials. They have always done stuff like this. From spygate to falsifying injury reports, to deflate gate to taping the bengals sideline 4 or 5 years ago…anyone who thinks the Patriots hace been on the up and up during Belichicks tenure has simply lived in Boston too long. Anyways…it’s off the subject and old news. You can have the last word..my mind isn’t made up simply because I’m a Colts fan…it’s made up because of the mountain of evidence and I believe cheating is the core of someone’s character and I’ve seen nothing to believe anyone in that organization has changed.
  6. The NFL didn’t think so…they fined them and suspended Brady…who destroyed evidence (his cell phone) and the team performed a giant cover up….I mean they even nicknamed the equipment manager “the deflator” and hace him on video taking the balls into a bathroom after they were checked. Now whether that makes a big difference or not in throwing the ball etc is beside the point. They will cheat or try to get any competitive advantage they can and the spygate was even worse…nfl destroyed all the evidence (videos) when they handed down the verdict. I’m not saying their championships deserve an Astrid or anything…just saying like Houston Astro’s and others they cheat where they think they can get away with. Not sure that is even up for debate.
  7. Good points…still hard to say either would have succeeded…I’d wager part of Burrows success was due to his maturation and hardship from the fallout of all that. He also went to a pro style system and OC in Brady at LSU and it clicked. I don’t think it was Meyer not recognizing talent (he did recruit both) as much as both likely needed some growing up and weren’t ready…when they were after a year or two of maturation and growing up they were already gone. But I do see your arguement..and it’s fair…he had them…maybe he should have been more patient.
  8. Wouldn’t be surprised it isn’t just to more or less mentor Herbert…and assist with building a game plan. Moore wasn’t the problem in Dallas…but I doubt he is the solution anywhere else either.
  9. The weather…not as big a deal as more likely playing against the kings of spying. I mean we know they video taped opponents…they had no problem messing with footballs etc…while we lost…I’d be hard pressed to say it was fair and square…what we likely never will know. Lol Peyton always used to say they thought the locker rooms were bugged…maybe…maybe not…as much as I trust Belichek wouldn’t be surprised to find out he paid a 10 year old to climb through the air duct and record with his Walkman lol. I kid I kid….or do I?? 🤨
  10. No doubt…I mean honestly with new tv deals with Google and Amazon….please the owners are rolling in it.
  11. Agree on Burrow…to an extent. He really didn’t play the RPO style qb system that Meyer runs. Not sure he ever would have lived up to his potential under him. Newton could have for sure…but he followed the money to Auburn…everyone knows his story. Not that Urban is clean far be it but Cam and his family were all about the Benjamin’s.
  12. I’ve never blamed Burrow for anything. I’ve said plainly from the beginning what I was talking about…never said Burrow said anything or should be blamed for anything. But those trying to make him out to be then next Goat etc well maybe they are getting ahead of themselves. Prisoners of the moment. Not sure what I need to defend in those statements. Somehow people got all worked up like I was taking a shot at him. I just pointed out the facts…he hasn’t done anything to back up the claims. It was as if he has relatives in here people got so sensitive. Fact still remains he hasn’t gotten the job done yet. Same criticism of Peyton and others will start landing at his feet soon. He will always have a window to win because he is that good…but he might not have a team as good and loaded as this one for very long…contracts for him and Chase and Higgins and Mixon for starters will all start coming due…not to mention the defensive studs they have. It ain’t easy to win it all…which is why we go back to the guys like Montana and Brady etc that he was getting compared to…they didn’t miss…they maximized every opportunity…same can be said for Mahomes…he already has lost his best WR due to salary cap restrictions…and Brady took one of those hard to earn rings. They don’t come easy.
  13. I think what I’ve said is what I mean. He is the second best qb in the league right now…love to have him…but Brady/Montana level of ability or honor is premature….and that was what people have been saying. It was all week how he has Chiefs number and he has surpassed Mahomes. It’s easy to crown the next coming of Montana or Brady…but it’s going to take a long time to prove that out so I was saying slow your roles to those annoiting him…he hasn’t won anything yet. I believe he is a much better qb than Russell Wilson but we were hearing same stuff when he was going to back to back Super Bowls…it was premature and we saw him cost his team at the goal line with a horrible pick and never bring them back. We saw Burrow put up a pretty pedestrian performance yesterday. He had all his stars and he was healthy. The other guy was throwing on one leg to one stud who was being double all game and bunch of cast off dudes…and he finished the job…just strange he was being doubted when he has the SB to his name…and two MVPs.
  14. Agreed…I mean seriously?? No body would judge them if they just hired Sean Payton even after making the playoffs…geez there is nothing wrong for wanting to make an upgrade…in fact their current coach could easily find another gig and his buyout would get reduced.
  15. There are no assurances he will win a SB. Dan Marino is probably the best pure qb I’ve ever seen and he never got back and won his. And by “it” the issue was not that he isn’t great…or even the second best qb in the league…but everyone is confusing swag with being the man…the best…and he isn’t that. People on sports talk radio were crowning him over the Chiefs all week. I get it he beat them last year…but I could care less about two other regular season wins. Again…great qb…hope we can land one as good…but the next Joe Montana…which was what he was being likened too…or next Tom Brady…we shall see…he hasn’t won anything yet to get that level of praise was all.
  16. I noticed he didn’t say or do a thing when Suh got in his face. Nice job picking on a guy like 150 lbs less than you. Don’t get me wrong no problem pushing or pulling him aside and getting him his face but that was uncalled for. Clearly a frustrated man.
  17. So they are 1-1 in important games…and Mahomes has a SB and 2 MVPs…I would love to have Burrow but man the slobber fest was crazy last week. Let him win something first.
  18. Just saying you heard all week about Burrow…and he had all his playmakers. Gotta admit Mahomes really gutted that one out. I think Burrow is amazing but he hasn’t won a SB yet. Mahomes has. I’m not really worried about 2 regular season games…they are 1-1 in the playoffs and that is where the Champs separate themselves. I never said Burrow doesn’t have “it”…just that before we crown him maybe he needs to win it all….like Mahomes has.
  19. Mahomes without like all 3 of his starting wrs and on one leg still found a way. Burrow had the ball at least twice with a shot to win it and couldn’t…reminded me of the Super Bowl. I know everyone loves him but Joe cool he is not. Montana would have come through lol. We will see how long that window stays open for them as it will be very difficult to keep that defense along with pay both Chase and Higgins plus Burrow. You look at the final 4 and you see a lot of teams playing with qbs on rookie contracts. Bills had to pay theirs and you saw how thin they became…KC paid theirs and that offense while still great is no where near same without Hill. You land the right qb and coach if you are the colts you could make a deep run with all the money you can spend to surround them with talent.
  20. Not a fanboy…hard not to admire them though. Bunch of Indiana kids taking it to everyone. Edey is a freak of nature…Davis hasn’t faired well against bigger 5s. The league has lost several of those this year but Kansas and Arizona easily come to mind. You’d hope with his quickness and athleticism he couldn’t get edey into some awkward defensive positions and hope to get some fouls…but Edey often gives ground and and doesn’t reach just makes people go up and over him. You’d love to have a big to pull him out on the floor but Trayce has never developed that game.
  21. There just isn’t a good matchup for 7’4….especially 7’4 that is playing like Wilt Chamberlain right now. Edey has been in a zone. He is playing so comfortable right now. My best strategy would be to 3/4 deny, pressure the ball, and then dive down on the double as soon as he looks like he is going into his dribble/move. Takes a long time for a ball to travel that high to a big man. Our guard hace to anticipate. Problem is Purdue is great at spacing but you have to disrupt his rythem because he is too comfortable right now. If Purdue is hitting 3s then you are in trouble…you rather force guys other than Loyer and you rather them take the deep 3 from the top of the key…not the short corner.
  22. Not totally the same but my dad passed away the year the Cubs won the World Series…it was very emotional for all of us. Good luck to your Eagles! My heart goes out to you and if that can be part of some sense of closure or healing then by all means I hope they win!
  23. Not only does Michigan St not have those pounding the boards bigs but they also don’t have the 4 and 5 that step out to the 3pt line pulling the opponents big away from the basket. Honestly Michigan has the best B1G to play Edey but they didn’t have a supporting cast. Edey is 2x better this year…I don’t think Trayce stands a chance. I also don’t think the refs will let Edey get in foul trouble either.
  24. And importantly it can be combined say with Heilds to match a max salary.
  25. Such a weird start to this game…punts hitting wires. Dropped balls on 4th down but not challenged…open hand fumbles…injured starting qb…geez
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