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  1. Speaking of long necks, does anybody remember that guy that played at purdue, I think his name was Michael Scearce (or something like that)? Almost freakish. And didn't Derrrick Holcombe have calves that looked like hams?
  2. Precisely. Expectations are probably the biggest barrier at traditional schools. My sense is that often new coaches last longer at lower profile schools because of it, IDK. In any case it certainly will be interesting to see how things proceed at Duke and UNC.
  3. Point taken, but only two of those coaches lasted long at those schools (Pitino & Hall who both coincidentally continued winning for several years until being ousted for NCAA rules violations). All of the other bb schools had immediate success with the successors, but didn't each decline in fairly short order and replaced those coaches? Nobody was going to continue with the record UCLA had been used to and Bartow proved at UAB he was a very good coach. To your point, not a retirement, but Self following Williams was highly successful. Matt Painter has done a great job at contin
  4. Over our past coach searches (oh, I hate using the plural form of that word) I recall various rival schools mocking us for not wooing a big-name, established coach - as if any of them would have ever left their current teams. At those times several of us speculated about just who or how the current elite teams would replace their legendary coaches. Now we're seeing that none of them thus far have pulled in the Stevens', Donovans or poached a coach from any other perennial contender. Nope, it's a passing of the guard for multiple blue blood type teams. History has shown that the failure
  5. People, especially young people, don't realize how high the cost of a punch thrown in anger can be. Uwe Blab's son died in such a tragic way. https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2010/01/blabs-son-killed-in-altercation/
  6. I had no idea of the origin, but that article makes perfect sense - Doc Counsilman was an innovator and way ahead of his time. I was told in the mid-70's that some of his training techniques were adopted by coach Knight (a relative who has no direct connection to IU told me, so IDK if it's true). On a semi-related note, several years ago I found out about the origins of "Indiana, our Indiana" - kind of disappointed that the music was not original. You'd think with such a distinguished school of music that someone would have composed it specifically for the school.
  7. Just a few thoughts on CAM: - Maybe with a guaranteed handsome income, coming off what had to be a stressful tenure at IU, he might decide to just spend time with his family for a while. I believe his daughter is in her teens and they have no other kids - couldn't fault the guy for wanting to make up for lost opportunities to spend time with her and his wife while he can. - I don't know if we'll ever know to what extent any constraints were placed on him when he took over. If they they were significant, I could see them (along with some bad luck injuries) preventing him from buildi
  8. Realizing that we're all totally biased, and new coaching hires always bring optimism, I have to remind myself that the proof is always in the actual pudding - but this time seems very different. It's almost like we've been trying to build our house by ourselves for the last couple decades and finally hired a reputable construction crew. In a sense I'm enjoying the fact that it seems the rest of the B10 and CBB world have already discounted this overhaul of the program.
  9. Yep, me too. One of the most memorable feeds I have ever seen. I have to watch it in replay & slo-mo to fully appreciate it.
  10. Wasn't the Holiday Bowl win against BYU that same year? Fun times.
  11. My recollection was that he was a really highly sought after recruit and, at the time, the rumor was that he was coming to IU. Years after his death, I've read that his recruitment wasn't settled for IU and there were several schools he was considering. But at the time it felt like we were about to get another superstar player out of Chicago, on the heels of Isaiah Thomas departure.
  12. Bird & Turner are two good ones. I'll add another: If Ben Wilson had not been killed AND had come to play for Knight in the mid 80's.
  13. He's next to "Twinkie the Kid"...☺️
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