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  1. America is 3-0 with the championship game set for this Saturday, June 19. Grace is coming of the bench and contributing points, assists, and steals. Unfortunately Paige has decided to leave Iu and return to Australia where she is going pro. We now have a scholarship open. I have not heard any rumors about a replacement. I think we are the most shallow at the 4 and 5 spots.
  2. Yes, and the continued play against top notch talent. Paige is on one of the Australia teams. She is 6’2” and tho listed as a guard we are more short front court guys. The transfer of Jorie Allen and Patterson did not help. I am really hopeful for a year two jump from Chloe McNeil (spelling? too lazy to look up. Never could spell). I do not know if any of our freshman will help in year one. We need a big stepup in 3 point shot percentage.
  3. Grace Berger has made the final cut and is on the USA Americup team. Naz Hillman of UMich and 2 Maryland players were also named. That makes 4 of 13 from our conference. Head coach, I believe is Dawn Staley of South Carolina. It looks like this team could play to 2022 if they win. Not sure of dates.
  4. Paige Price just named to the Australian under 19 FIBA roster. Practice starts June 25 and runs thru June 28. They will likely cut down to perhaps 12 but I do not know that. Australia (and hopefully Paige) will then will play in Hungry August 7-15. I think the dates are correct, but the only article I have seen was a bit confusing. Grace Berger starts practice today on the USA team. They have 20 invitees and again I am guessing at the final squad size of say 12 to 15.
  5. Hi all, more news. Teri Moren has been named “court coach” of the U19 girls team for the world cup 2021. I am not sure what “court coach” means exactly but it sounds like game coach. The person who develops the game plan for each opponent, determines starter and substitution patterns, in game adjustments, etc? Knight once said he wanted to be remembered as being a coach who was worth 2-3 points on the bench. In any event, a nice thing to add to your resume and should help with recruiting and program stature. Congrats to Teri Moren.
  6. I did not grow up with soccer, sorry for poor question. Why do the other teams have more shots than we? Also more shots on goal? This has been present in the last two games.
  7. Grace Berger is a finalist (on the 20 man roster for a final 12) of the USA America team. Next practice for them is June 1 and the team named before June 11. I love watching Grace pull up and hit that mid range jump shot. Good luck girl. Pulling for you.
  8. Some recruiting info. I will try and find more. Keyarah Berry, G, 5’11”. #79 and 147 recruit in nation by 2 services. Kaitlin Peterson, G, 5’9”, 41 and 54 recruit Paige Price, G, 6’2”, #3 international recruit. She has already logged a few end of game minutes for us. To me, we seem shallow at the C and F spots so I suspect she (and maybe G Grace Walgoner at 6’0”) may play some F. I will try and figure out how many scholarships we have left and if we are looking at anyone in the transfer portal.
  9. Could be. Chloe was like 1-19 with her three ball. We have to shoot better to reach that next level. I would love to have Ariel develop into a force.
  10. Thanks for the post. The only thing I know to add is that Hannah Noveroske is transferring. Nice person but I think she was just not getting the minutes she wanted at this level of play. Good luck to her. Ariel has played even fewer minutes. I do not know her plans. I was surprised to see Key Wharten transfer. I am not aware of new recruits. Paige Price is already here Ali, Berger, Chloe and hopefully Nichole will give us 4 nice guards. Grace Wagner may play a little more small forward- I do not know. Lex and Mac will be back with KB and Paige as depth, both I feel wi
  11. Arizona gave Stanford all they could handle. Stanford was actually quite lucky. In the first game, up one and with the ball the did not get a shot and then AZ missed two 3 ft shots at the buzzer. Very similar end in the final with AZ. AZ was the team that beat us. Congrats to Stanford. Sometimes it takes a little luck.
  12. So far: Penn announces she will transfer. Ali Patberg is coming back for her repeat senior year. Great for us and if she wants that I guess great for her. I thought it might be time for her to try her luck in Europe or start a coaching career. But a voluntary return so great for both. Moren is extended with a new contract at 800k per year plus incentives. I do not know if she gets a shoe contract, radio show money etc but total package with incentives should be around a million. I will try and research some recruiting info and post.
  13. Tough ending. I thought Arizona played well and deserved to win. We were 0-9 for 3s and they were 9-21. Tough way to end the season but still a great year. Congrats. Relax for awhile and then start your off season work outs. Good luck and cant wait til next year.
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