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  1. I was definitely spoiled. Double-edged sword as getting used to that kind of success for my time at IU and beyond made the fall of the program that much more disgusting and painful. I only hope others will be able to taste a modicum of the success I witnessed and I'd like to taste a bit more before I kick the bucket. Almost gave up my season tickets but thankful now that I didn't.
  2. Yeah - forgot about Ayala. I’d like to see them all leave for selfish reasons of course. Hopefully though the days of me hoping that opponents are weakened so we can rise in the standings are coming to an end. Having started my IU fandom when I arrived on campus for the ‘72/‘73 season culminating in the undefeated national championship season my senior year I NEVER worried about the strength of our opposition - I just knew we’d whip ‘em all. Honestly never considered that my attitude would ever change but the last 20 - 25 years have jaundiced me. I want my SWAGGER back!!!!
  3. I guess I missed Wiggins. Isn’t it pretty much expected that other than Carr, Brown, Smith and Cockburn that all the others are returning?
  4. If I’m reading this correctly these players have an opportunity to play their way into a combine invitation. Big 10 players of note: Brown, Dickinson & Smith (Michigan), Liddell & Washington (OSU), Carr (Minnesot) & Cockburn (Illinois). https://gleague.nba.com/news/nba-g-league-announces-field-of-40-draft-prospects-for-2021-nba-g-league-elite-camp-in-chicago/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  5. I think it's possible if not likely that we have this guy locked up but won't officially hire him for a while. He is now able to talk with recruits freely but once hired that comes to a screeching halt. It is quite an advantage to be able to have personal contact in a pandemic recruiting environment where visitation on and off campus is prohibited.
  6. Did your user name and password from here get you in or did you have to register? I tried logging in to no avail so tried to register and it said my login name (my email address was already being used. How can that be? Any help would be appreciated
  7. Well, at least now Scott has all the facts he needs to make his decision.
  8. Hot wife though - maybe we are going for continuity on that front?
  9. Ha! I caught the perfect storm at the end of the Davis era when fan dissatisfaction was at record highs AND the "inventory" of bleacher seats previously controlled by Knight were being "freed up." For a rather significant increase in my annual giving level I moved from mid main-level seats to side court bleachers and have enjoyed those seats for 17 years. Pretty much caught lightning in a bottle. Or should I say "bought" lightning in a bottle - LOL. I get where you are coming from is all I'm saying.
  10. 2 things in response..... 1) Scott Dolson is all about winning 2) If you don't renew basketball tickets you'll lose 250 for consecutive years buying bball tickets points; consider buying at least 1 adult and 1 youth ticket to keep those points active and accumulating - you might need them for optimizing your football seats! What a flip-flop that would be. LOL!
  11. For years I have purchased my 4 seats and headed up to Indy from Columbus with the usual suspects early enough to get a great parking spot across from Kilroy's and to be among the first in line in front of Kilroy's to insure getting a table for the group when the doors opened. The place was typically SRO within 30 minutes of opening! So, to preserve some semblance of tradition I think I will get in my car at 10:30 and drive around the block so I can pull up to a great parking spot on the street in front my house. Then I'll get in line on the sidewalk outside my front door to be first in line
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