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  1. Eastern Greene HS and IU's own Dusty May led Florida Atlantic is favored by 15.5 vs Fairleigh Dickinson! I hope FAU handles FDU "fairleigh" easilly! ??
  2. Not set yet. Seems it could be as early as 1 pm to as late as 10 pm.
  3. WOW - saw the halftime score and thought we'd get Okie State. Didn't stay for that game - maybe I should have.
  4. Love your attitude and penchant for finding the bright side- how far did you travel for the game?
  5. From what I have gathered from friends and folks posting the reserved seating allocations have been very favorable. Who bought tickets and how did you make out with seating location?Any chance it’s a sellout?
  6. He was obviously jammin to Marley in warmups!
  7. I'm SO SORRY to have contributed to you spending good money on that turd! We left with over 10 minutes remaining in the game and were back in Columbus by 9:30. Have NEVER left a game that early before but the writing was SO MUCH on the wall that we didn't risk missing a monumental comeback victory. Just hope we don't repeat the "performance" Sunday and have to endure such a LONG 50 minute drive back to Columbus after a loss. Color me concerned.
  8. My seats are spoken for but there are some on the ticket exchange board - just not 3 together. That is a very tough putt. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/I board/ticket-exchange-bb-106112/
  9. My seats are spoken for but there are some on the ticket exchange board - just not 3 together. That is a very tough putt. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/I board/ticket-exchange-bb-106112/
  10. A couple center-court Row 30 aisle seats posted on the ticket forum a bit ago if you haven't already gotten a pair.
  11. X is definitely out for tonight perWoodson on his radio show. Return Sunday vs Michigan not ruled out. Who knows, could just make a cameo appearance for Senior Day?
  12. My pleasure. While prices are still above face value there they are typically well below StubHub prices with fees. Season ticket holders who want to make sure that IU fans are in their seats use the forum instead of StubHub to have better control over who buys their seats and they typically ask less for their tickets than they could command on StubHub for that reason. The scammer warning post that I had to put up was in response to a couple of clowns who respond to posts wanting to buy tickets so need to be thoroughly vetted - they are NOT Peegs members. Anyone posting tickets for sale on the ticket board are Peegs members so that gives a level of confidence. Having moderated that board for 20+ years I am pretty familiar with those who use the forum and am happy to weigh in on specific sellers should opt to try to buy there. Feel free to reach out to me with details at eddy4iu@gmail.com Best of luck and GO HOOSIERS!!!!!
  13. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/board/ticket-exchange-bb-106112/
  14. Mag is out for season. McConnel is a game time decision.
  15. I have an extra for the women vs Purdue today - Happy to transfer it to an IU fan who can use it.I'll need a first and last name and either email address or cell number for the transfer.Include your posting name in your response to eddy4iu@gmail.com
  16. I have moderated the Peegs Ticket Exchange Forum for 20+ years and am personally sickened by the very recent spate of scammers trying to take advantage of folks posting their desire to buy IU basketball tickets. Until this year there were no reported cases of scamming and there have been only a few reported cases this season that may well be the work of one or two scammers. Even so, I understand the hesitancy to trust anyone who, as a purported seller of tickets, reaches out to those who have posted their desire to buy tickets. Unfortunately it pretty much boils down to only trusting buyers and sellers who are members of the site and vigorously vetting anyone selling who is not a member. There is no way to keep unscrupulous folks from viewing the ticket forum and trying to pick off unsuspecting buyers. Make the seller prove to you that they are legitimate by any means necessary or cut bait - don’t worry about hurting feelings. Read here for more info on the reported scammers….. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/board/106112/Contents/update-2723-be-wary-of-scammers-using-the-forum-198975527/?page=1
  17. @HoosierHaze A buddy has 4 row5 purdue Tix. He didn't realize when he bought them, it’s same day as his wedding! He’s looking for someone to take his place. It's at Union Church, in New Albany at 3pm. Her name is Ashley, she's 5'4", 115 lbs, good cook. She'll be the one dressed in white.
  18. Not that it matters much at this point but given head to head results IU should be on the 7 line in that graphic behind Maryland, Northwestern and Iowa.
  19. As a rule I am in front of the TV for away games and in Assembly Hall for home games so don’t misinterpret my post. In this particular case when I bought the Jason Isbell tickets I thought the IU/Maryland game was on Wednesday night. As it turned out I wasn’t disappointed to miss the game AND had a great experience at the concert. As forSaturday - I’ll be courtside for our takedown of the Boilers. Go Hoosiers!!!
  20. Brown County Music Center - a really incredible venue seating 2,000. Was up close and center for this one but there's not a bad seat in the house - the last row is only 200 feet from the stage.
  21. I went to a Jason Isbell concert last night and checked the box score when I got home. Glad I didn't have to see how the sausage was made. I just finished reading through this thread from the beginning and you all filled in the gaps for me that can't be extracted from a box score. I sure don't need to watch a replay now and tanks to you all for that!The concert was AWESOME - really glad I went.On to the next one.
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