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  1. FYI....for those people that were interested in the Indiana Wesleyan kid, Kyle Mangas. Per the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette this morning, he has hired an agent and is looking to play professionally somewhere.
  2. So, I looked...Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. The Fighting Generals. Division 3 in athletics, so he would have to be some fantastic player to make the jump to a power 5 program. Colors are blue or royal blue and white.....What am I missing here?
  3. With the importance of analytics becoming more and more evident, maybe there should be some analytics done regarding the posters on this board. Things like what time of day posters are most active. Who interacts most with who. Efficient/non-efficient use of emojis, like the coffee drinker. Posters giving out or receiving the most likes/ thanks/ or other feedback. Certain this would be valuable mod fodder. I nominate @IU Scottto head up this endeavor!
  4. We don’t need to know what the “crap “ was. Suffice it to say, if CMW was not pleased with whatever Hunter brought to the table… move on. Times a wasting. Gotta get the program back to where it belongs. Feel for the kid but if he was an obstacle, there’s other fish in the sea
  5. Meanwhile, for you folks living in Michigan....your illustrious governor decided now was the right time to shut down the pipeline coming down from Canada through the UP.
  6. Understand. However not the only article/writer who said the same thing. I chose Sterling’s article because it wasn’t behind a paywall
  7. http://kentsterling.com/2017/02/16/indiana-basketball-is-tom-crean-the-right-coach-for-indiana-in-2017-2018-iubb/ Just one of several articles easily found that suggests that Crean had "burned bridges" with high school and summer ball coaches.
  8. Villains-- Iowa Jess Settles Purdue take your pick of Brian Cardinal or Chris Kramer Minnesota--the whole lot of them who attacked Rudy Tomjonavich Michigan--could name the entire Fab 5 but will go with Jalen Rose Favorites-- Wisconsin--Michael Finley Iowa--BJ Armstrong Michigan State--Darnell Valentine Michigan--Austin Hatch Ohio State--John Havlicek Illinois-Ayo Dosunmu
  9. I guess… but really, how many of those guys were going to the league regardless? Yes, he got them in his program, but did he really develop some of them?
  10. Mods, Please here me out. I type this only somewhat tongue in cheek. To the dismay of many, some, a few....okay, me...there seems to be too much conversation about the Smellermakers (where are ya' @HTD when I need ya'? ) and too big of a concession made to keep our resident Purdoucher happy. A prime example being that the very first topic on the Basketball Recruiting forum is titled that a kid committed to Purdue. I propose that a new forum be created with the sole purpose of handling any and all conversations about said university. Only during game weeks would we taint the othe
  11. Of course we can't access threads that were on the old site, but I know that I remember conversations where it was discussed that Crean talked down at some of the high school coaches. I have never said Crean was a bad guy, he had idiosyncracies and character traits that imo, were off-putting.
  12. IIRC, the story goes that Crean came off as pretty arrogant and like he was always the smartest guy in the room when he met with high school coaches. I believe there was also some sentiment that he was more salesman that coach.
  13. Good for Tebow. The NFL can use all the high character guys they can get
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