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  1. So, whoever posted that they hoed CMW was watching today’s games… maybe he had some more important business to attend to
  2. That foul on Wong. I flash back to Boo Buie and shake my head
  3. Maybe so, but based on how he finished the previous season, I am betting he would have figured it out
  4. Hayden throwing 95mph heat to close out the game
  5. I agree with the sentiment here and wholeheartedly understand the need to get better and more athletic players. I do think the entire dynamics of this year’s team changed when X went down. We did have the penetrating guard who could set up others. We would have had JHS playing to his strengths as a shooter instead of having to also take on the role of distributor. We would have had another 3 point shooter who could have gotten his own shot and opened the floor. We would not have had to put as much pressure on Bates, Kopp and Galloway to take/make shots beyond their skill set. We would have had a defender who could control the quick guards who gave us so many problems and who caused a myriad of problems for us including rebounding issues, foul problems and giving up easy points. My point is that although it is a completely legitimate concern for CMW to improve and change how we play going forward, we were on our way this year had X not gotten injured and a lot of the concerns/complaints about this year would’ve gone away
  6. Even though that shot by Pack didn’t count, a good pr company will turn it into gold
  7. It was a foul that impeded the shooter from fully elevating. IMO, each play must be evaluated on its own and not based on what happened prior. The last play should have been negated. The inbounded clearly stepped on the inbounds line before letting the ball go.
  8. I think the criticism of Bates is completely warranted and is based on what you said here… he did not play within his game.
  9. Every free throw I saw was a line drive, no touch, poor form, no chance of going in. To make matters worse, several were the front end of one and ones. He left a lot of points on the table that could have made the game much different . Had the game been close, a reasonable strategy would have been to foul him whenever he got close to the basket with the ball and make him hit free throws
  10. I know why every coach was in attendance. I can’t predict what he’ll do in college. He put up big numbers v a high school team. He will face higher competition in college and he will be like Hack a Shaq if he can’t shoot free throws any better than he did tonight
  11. Not sure why you are quoting his stats. He played well but he won’t play like that v college competition. If he can’t shoot free throws better than that he becomes a liability
  12. Bidunga can’t shoot free throws, that’s for sure
  13. Kokomo is a city in Indiana and the county seat of Howard County, Indiana, United States.[2] Its population increased from 45,468 at the 2010 census[5] to 59,604 in the 2020 census. It is the principal city of the Kokomo, Indiana Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Howard County, the Kokomo-Peru CSA, which includes Howard and Miami counties, as well as the North Central Indiana region [6] consisting of six counties anchored by the city of Kokomol north central. We are both right
  14. I can’t imagine that Lewis is there for Flory. Has to be other players on his radar
  15. Mark Few needs to relax. Maybe have a drink… oh, wait 😛😛😛
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